Summer 2022 Police Blotter

The summer semester on WSUs campus was quiet, but not silent when it came to crime.

The summer semester on WSU’s campus was quiet, but not silent when it came to crime.

Weber State University’s campus this summer was pretty safe overall, but the summer months still had hints of affliction. Our campus safety is a big priority of the university police, and we are most appreciative of the work they do to protect Wildcats and others on campus.

Most of the case files recorded over the past months described regular foot patrols, false burglary or fire alarms, and suspicious persons on or around campus. The cases below are some of the accounts we wanted to highlight.

Solicitation of controlled substances
The Weber State Police Department was called on May 31 about a suspicious circumstance concerning the complainant’s daughter, a former WSU student, and her great aunt, who is a current WSU employee. Officers found that the great aunt was attempting to solicit controlled substances via text. The complainant did not want their daughter to be contacted regarding this matter, but wanted the WSUPD to be aware. No action was taken.

Burglary alarm
On June 4, a burglary alarm at the WSU downtown bookstore was set off at 4:27 p.m. When a WSUPD officer arrived at the scene, the doors were found to be secured, and no one was in the building.
When officers looked at the security footage, they noticed that at 4:20 p.m., a white female later identified as a Daily Rise employee entered the building through the west doors using an I.D. card. Once she gained entrance into the building, she collected several items of merchandise and left the building at 4:24 p.m. the same way she came in.
Later in the security video, officers see another woman enter the building through the west doors. In the video, officers see her inspect the common area, make a phone call and then leave the building at 4:39 p.m.
Officers attempted to contact the building manager but were unsuccessful. No action was taken because the employee entered the building through legitimate means. This case will be saved for informational purposes unless Daily Rise reports stolen merchandise.

Prowler on campus
On June 16, WSUPD was dispatched to the University Village Dorms due to complaints of a prowler. When officers arrived, they did not find the subject the complainant called about, but when officers reviewed security footage, they saw the subject on multiple occasions looking into dorm windows. The suspect did not appear to try and gain entry. Officers checked the premises around all the buildings, but did not locate any signs of forced entry into the dorms.

Dog attack
The WSUPD received a call on June 19 from a person who said they were attacked by a dog on the Ogden campus. The police officer found this person sitting in front of the WSUPD station and made contact. After speaking with the victim, it became clear to the officer that this person was going through a “psychiatric moment.” They were then taken to McKay Dee Hospital and checked by medical personnel in the ER. The victim was determined to be OK, and there was no dog attack that took place.

Student faints
A student attending a class on June 21 stepped into the hallway to cough when they collapsed and struck their head on the floor. This caused a laceration to the back of the head, causing some bleeding. Classmates helped stop bleeding until officers and medical personnel arrived. The student regained consciousness throughout the transport to Ogden Regional.

Suspicious man
On June 27, a caller informed the WSUPD of a suspicious male who had come into the Stewart Library saying he was looking for a teen girl. The complainant said the male showed her a picture, and when the complainant said they had not seen her, he left the library.
Officers arrived at the library and contacted the complainant to see if she knew where the man had last been seen. The complainant said she saw him exit the building. Officers pulled video footage of the man and saw him exiting the library using the west doors going toward the middle of campus.
Officers were approached by a man and a woman at the Bell Tower Plaza who said they were looking for a missing teen girl. Officers said they had not seen her yet, but took a missing persons flier the man and woman gave them and said they would pass down the information to patrol.
There was no incident, and the teen girl was found soon after.

Man in the bathroom
On June 28, the WSUPD were called concerning a suspicious person in the men’s bathroom for an extended period of time in the Community Outreach Center. Upon the officer’s arrival, the complainant told officers that the man was in classroom 106. When officers entered the classroom, the man was found sleeping in a chair. When woken up and questioned by the officers on scene, he said he was walking and decided to take a break from walking outside. When asked further about where he was going, he told officers that he lived nearby with family members and didn’t mention if he was homeless. Officers determined he was not causing disturbances or issues, so no action was taken.

Intoxicated student
On June 29, WSUPD officers found a girl intoxicated and sleeping on the grass near the ROTC building. The officers attempted to help the girl contact family members and friends to find a ride home, but no one could pick her up. She was transported by the officers, and it was noted that she was able to walk on her own and of her own volition to the police vehicle and into her place of residence.

Homeless People on Campus
Multiple cases of homeless people in or around campus have been documented over the summer. A homeless man was caught sleeping outside the Student Services Building on July 6. The individual was asked to vacate the premises by a WSU police officer.

Sleeping man at bus stop
A WSUPD officer came across a man who was sleeping at the bus stop on Edvalson Drive near the W1 parking lot on July 1. When officers asked why he was there, he told them he was waiting for the bus. The officers informed him that there were no buses scheduled to stop at this bus stop because they were all detoured to 36th street and Birch. When officers looked his ID information up they found he had a local warrant for camping and NCIC hit out of Illinois. Officers found that they had no means to extract him from Utah, so they advised him of his warrants and told him where he could get a new, updated ID card. Officers also helped him figure out where and when the buses were running. There was no incident as the police left the scene.

Fire alarm
On July 2, police officers received a call about a fire alarm going off in the facilities management office. Upon arrival, officers were met with the fire department, who put out the fire. After the fire was taken care of, police officers found evidence of a homeless camp which had a campfire made up. Officers also found drugs and drug paraphernalia. The parties who were staying in this spot were warned and verbally trespassed from WSU property indefinitely.

Threats to student
On July 5, WSUPD was called concerning threats being made to a WSU student. When police officers investigated, they found an unknown individual attempting to extort the victim for monetary gain. This case will remain open and pending.

Man Down
A WSU police officer received a fractured finger and facial contusions from a suspect resisting arrest on July 29. The officer was cleared at the hospital and the suspect was booked into Weber County Jail.