The season is set

Dani Nay goes to hit a volleyball during the Weber State vs. Bowling Green 2021 NCAA Tournament.

With their first game approaching, Weber State University’s volleyball team enters the season with multiple freshmen, including setter Rose Moore, libero Macy Sumrall and middle blocker Brielle Rueckert.

“I’m really excited,” Rueckert said. “So far, it’s been really fun. I love everyone on the team, and so far, we’ve just been practicing this summer, and I love the other freshmen.”

With a lineup full of new players, the Wildcats have been focused on forming bonds within the team.

“We’ve just been able to start practicing, building team chemistry and doing things outside of practice,” Rueckert said.

Her first time playing NCAA Division I volleyball, Rueckert said her short experience at Weber State has proven to be a new experience.

“It’s just different from my high school and club team,” Rueckert said. “There’s a lot of different strategies, different things for this team. It’s just kind of an adjustment for me. It’s been really helpful to have the older girls help us all out and help with the adjustment to the new team.”

Coming off multiple winning seasons, including a 2021 Big Sky conference title, head coach Jeremiah Larsen’s winning reputation and staff drew Rueckert to Weber State.

“I really love the coaches,” Rueckert said. “They seem to have just a really good connection with all the players.”

Adjusting to the team, Rueckert said Wildcat veterans have guided her during summer training.

“I’m a middle, so Baylee Bodily and Liana Woodley have been helping me and the other freshmen middles,” Rueckert said. “We’ve been looking up to them a lot and asking for tips. They’ve been helping us a lot with the new, the differences, things we need to work on in the middle.”

Although Weber State is a young team, Rueckert believes the Wildcats can still succeed in the Big Sky Conference.

“I think, as a team, we just want to get better,” Rueckert said. “We want to play as a team and win and do well.”

Weber State will play Air Force Academy at Swenson Gym on Aug. 20 at 1 p.m.