Summer happenings series: Exploring nature at the ONC

A birdhouse located at the Ogden Nature Center’s “birdhouse path.”

With the school season out and summer season well under way, schedules have drastically emptied for students and family, leaving a lot of free time available with no clue how to fill it. The Ogden Nature Center is taking part in the Summer Saturdays program for Weber County recreation, arts, museums and parks, or RAMP. Many organizations and groups like the ONC offer free admission and/or activities nearly every Saturday of the summer.

Founded in 1975, the Ogden Nature Center is a 152-acre nature preserve and aims to provide education of wildlife and nature. An interview with Brandi Bosworth, the public relations coordinator of the ONC, provides further insight to their goal.

“Our mission is to unite people with nature, and I think when you expose people to nature, you foster awareness, and awareness fosters appreciation, and when you appreciate something, you steward it,” Bosworth said.

When asked about the purpose of Summer Saturdays and Weber County RAMP, Bosworth explained how, through offering these free admissions, they make places like the ONC more accessible and bring a closer focus on the outdoors.

Activities and features at the Ogden Nature Center include easy walking trails, tree houses, a natural playscape/playground and multiple ponds. They also host many presentations on their animals, which include snakes, tarantulas, salamanders, fish and birds of prey.

Each bird has been rescued from some form of injury and placed into the ONC’s care. They also offer many events all year long with Earth Day in the spring, summer concerts and Halloween events.

The ONC is also a birding hotspot.

“I think a lot of people come to the Ogden Nature Center just to go birding, which is really fun,” Bosworth said.

Additionally, the ONC offers naturalist programs like presentations on their many animals, crafts, and nature walks. Hannah Robertson, a staff member of two years at the ONC, talks about how working there coincides with her Zoology major at Weber State University. Robertson said her personal favorite activity is volunteering to help care for the birds of prey.

Summer Saturdays at the Ogden Nature Center last until Aug. 20. Ways to help the ONC include volunteering and purchasing a member pass.

“It’s just a quiet place for respite and nature exploration.” Bosworth said.