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Football has changed so much with the evolution of the spread offense (thanks Urban Meyer). It is no longer a good game if both teams do not score at least forty points. In addition to the mass acceptance of the spread offense across college football, this phenomenon may also be due to the culture in which we now live.

The instant gratification society we now live in requires a high-scoring game for us to be entertained. That’s why baseball is not anywhere near as popular as football. That’s why there was an uproar when LSU beat Alabama last month by a score of 9-6. And that’s why people are hating Tim Tebow for what he’s done in Denver.

An ugly win apparently is not good enough anymore. Tebow is not a good NFL quarterback because he does not fit the Tom Brady/Drew Brees/Aaron Rodgers mold, but he does win. I do not believe that he will continue to win, so don’t get me wrong, but until then, get off his back.

I hear commentators patronizing that argument, and I begin ripping my hair out. The object is to win, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not too smart, but I do know that. Before Tebow was named the starter, the Broncos were 1-4. Since he was named the starter, they are 4-1.

He wins, there is no doubting that. Winning is the object of the game. There’s no doubting that, either. Just ask Herm Edwards. The Colin Cowherds or the sports world can continue to patronize the pro-Tebow argument, but don’t tell me winning is not important.

I heard a commentator on Cowherd’s show on ESPN Radio the day after the Broncos beat the Jets make this argument. I paraphrase:

“Imagine if you went to a restaurant, and the chef brought out an appetizer that tasted terrible, a first course that tasted terrible, a main course that is terrible and finally, a dessert that was amazing. That is what it is like with Tim Tebow.”

That comparison is so ludicrous it makes me sick. A chef’s job is to make good food. He failed at that in the analogy. Tim Tebow’s job is to win. He is doing that.

I don’t believe that he will continue to win, but until he starts losing, shut up! What kind of world do we live in wherein we can hate a human being who does his job and helps other human beings, but at the same time worship a man who killed dogs for years just because he is much more flashy? I’m lost.

I get it. He looks terrible out there throwing the ball like an outfielder trying to throw a runner out at the plate. He probably won’t keep winning for Denver, and when he starts losing, THEN you can say “I told you so.”

I get why there are so many Tebow haters, because it’s easy. The kid leads his team 95 yards and scrambles for a 20-yard touchdown when everyone on the defense knows he’s going to run it. He wins the game for his team, and the haters say, “I told you so.”

Tebow could (he won’t) lead his team to a Super Bowl Championship and the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday, people will be saying, “I told you so.” The problem is, those will be the Tebow haters.

Tebow wasn’t even the worst quarterback in the game. The same people who say that Mark Sanchez is an elite quarterback in the NFL because he’s taken his team to the AFC Championship twice are the same people who are saying that Tebow sucks. I don’t get it.

At the end of the day, if you were to tell any general manager in the NFL, “I will give you a quarterback who will rarely complete more than ten passes, but he will win 80 percent of his games, or I will give you a quarterback who will throw for 350 yards every week, but will lose 80 percent of his games. Which one do you want?” One hundred percent of those GMs would take the first: Tim Tebow. The second quarterback is Cam Newton.

The bottom line is that Tebow probably is not going to continue to pull out miracles, but until he stops parting Red Seas, shut up!

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