Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee

(Photo via Matt Popovich on Unsplash.com)
(Photo via Matt Popovich on Unsplash.com)

Skating away from danger

On Feb. 25, a child at the Ice Sheet reported that an older man was talking to her, and it scared her. It was reported through the adults present with her. Security footage was pulled, and the man is being located to follow up on the complaint.

Mailing to the wrong address

On March 6, police were made aware that a former mailing and receiving employee was having his mail sent to Weber State’s mailing and receiving area and was then having it forwarded to him through other employees. The police contacted the former employee and advised that the manager do the same.

Looking at all the wrong things

At the Downtown Weber State Bookstore on Feb. 26, a man was seen looking at inappropriate things on someone else’s computer while in the store. Police are reviewing security footage and are working to identify the individual.

Stealing from the rack

On Feb. 24, a bike was reportedly stolen from outside of the Stewart Library. There was no surveillance footage from the area. The victim also reported this to the Ogden Police Department but said it was stolen off-campus. Police are looking into where the bike may have been stolen from.

Catching up

A young student from a local school was present at WSU for a competition on Feb. 29. During the competition, the student was reported missing and could not be located. The individual was located off-campus and returned to their parents.