Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee

(Photo by Matt Popovich / unsplash.com)

Smash and grab

A car’s window was smashed in the Ogden Institute’s parking lot on Jan. 10. A student saw this and called WSUPD who contacted the owner. The owner confirmed that her purse had been stolen. There was no video footage or any evidence that could be collected. The officer had her drive to the station, so the glass could be vacuumed out.

Vaping away

A group of students were vaping in the D2 building on Jan. 8. Police were called and an officer responded. Three underaged students were vaping. The students’ parents were alerted, and the students were warned.

Bonging along

On Jan. 10, RAs at Wildcat Village called the police after smelling marijuana in the hall. The police knocked on the door and were invited in. The police found which dorm room the smell came from, but the resident was not home. All the roommates were informed of rules before the officers left.

Police were called to University Village about the smell of marijuana on Jan. 11. Police were invited inside and asked about the smell. There were several people in the bathroom. When police knocked, they found a homemade bong. The resident was cited for the paraphernalia.

Driving Donuts

Officers were alerted to five cars driving donuts in the Dee Event Center’s parking lot on Jan. 11. An officer arrived and warned the drivers before leaving. After the officer left and responded to another call, the drivers began to drive donuts again. Another caller reported the drivers, but they were gone when the officer returned.