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As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, health officials are urging everyone to get their COVID vaccine. Photo credit: pixabay

Do you know your news? July 27

Marisa Nelson July 26, 2021

1. According to NBC News, what percentage of people in the U.S. population has been vaccinated?a. 70%b. 60%c. 40%d. 35%2. Scientists are predicting that ____________ will become much more likely over the...

(Photo by Matt Popovich /

Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee January 16, 2020

Smash and grabA car’s window was smashed in the Ogden Institute’s parking lot on Jan. 10. A student saw this and called WSUPD who contacted the owner. The owner confirmed that her purse had...

Do you know your news? Nov. 18

Kenlee East November 16, 2019

1. What rare animal did a retired Michigan legislator capture on camera on Nov. 13?a. A bear with three legsb. A bunny with one earc. A deer with three antlers d. A fox with two tails2. Which university's...


News Quiz 9/30

Kenlee East September 28, 2019

1. What vegetable is being immediately threatened by the rising temperatures of climate change?a. Corn b. Beansc. Avocadod. Carrots2. In which state was a news reporter kissed, without her consent, while...

Graphic by Aubree Eckhardt

To vape or not to vape

Deborah Wilber September 27, 2019

After I was diagnosed with a heart condition, I became curious about vaping. This electronic cigarette appeared to be the answer to healthier tobacco use; people could have nicotine without the harmful...

SAEV the JUUL for after school

SAEV the JUUL for after school

Ashlynd Greenwood February 21, 2019

During this year's state legislative session, high school and university students are intensifying their efforts to ban the underage use of e-cigarettes and other non-nicotine tobacco throughout the state...

A new study from researchers in Quebec said that e-cigarette vapors kill the cells in the mouth that are the first line of defense. (Source: Tribune News Service) Photo credit: Tribune News Service

E-cig vapors causing mouth cells to die

Kellie Plumhof November 23, 2016

In 2003 Hon Lik, a pharmacist, inventor and smoker, invented the first electronic cigarette that was commercially successful. Since its inception, the e-cigarette has grown in popularity. A team...

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