New directions for the College of Business and Economics

Caitlyn Nichols

The Goddard School of Business and Economics is on the search for a new Dean. They have four candidates coming to present at Weber State University, two of which gave their presentations on Nov. 6 and Nov. 8.

Madonne Miner, provost of WSU, opened the presentations and said that the Dean will be the leader of the college who ensures that their college pursues the values and mission at Weber State of learning, community and access. They will also be responsible for hiring quality faculty and staff, solving issues, and pushing the college and its students forward positively into the future.

11-08 Dean Candidate_-3.jpg
Dean candidate Daniel A Ames during his presentation (Israel Campa / The Signpost) Photo credit: Israel Campa

“I look for people who are well-educated, talented, creative, honest, responsible, willing to work collaboratively, good listeners, problem-solvers, and, in general, who have committed themselves to the success of students, faculty and staff,” Miner said. “I hope they will be ‘servant-leaders,’ motivated by the desire to produce the next generation of well-educated, committed community members.”

In additional preparation for their presentations, each candidate was sent three questions to answer: What is your vision of the future of business education? What strategic plans and operational actions are essential for a successful future? And how will you inspire faculty, staff, students, and the community to engage in this vision?

“Any time one of the academic colleges hire a new dean, they’re not only concerned with finding the best person for the job, it really is an occasion to reflect upon where they want the college to go,” Michael Vaughan, professor of economics, said.

On Nov. 6, Candidate Mario Hayek spoke about his experience running his own businesses and working internationally. He described himself as entrepreneurial and a goal-oriented go-getter.

“I’m a passionate individual,” Hayek said.

Hayek emphasized instilling in students a fire for business and helping them become successful in applying what they learn to what the business market wants and needs. He explained his vision of having more people interested and involved in the business college, wanting to apply it in some way to their degrees.

Hayek also said he wanted to work well enough with the faculty that they could help run the college while he focused on external needs of fundraising, selling programs to the public, and finding career and growth opportunities for students.

Candidate Daniel Ames presented on Nov. 8. Ames spoke about his experience working at other universities and helping them build up and reorganize their departments, which also improved their retention rates. He said that, now, he wants to come to Weber State, help it be the best it can be, and he wants to stay.

11-08 Dean Candidate_-6.jpg
Faculty, staff and students listen to all the ideas that candidate Ames presents (Israel Campa / The Signpost)

Ames focused on making sure everything done in the college was “student-centered,” always considering how it will affect education. He also focused on the need for strong and honest collaboration between faculty, that everyone be happy with the finished product of any project. He mentioned specifically the importance of this during the upcoming period for the University of a shift of both the University Provost and the Dean of the business college.

“It’s imperative that you are able to trust me,” Ames said.

Ames recognized that he has experience with accounting, auditing, and college administration, but not as much with industry and corporate. He assured that with his experience with private academic institutions, which also follow some business patterns, and his practice of trying to keep in touch with what is happening in the business world and see patterns, he would still feel able enough to be Dean over the college.

“I’m grateful that the candidates have been here and are interested in our program,” David Read, Associate Professor of Business Administration, said. “We have four strong candidates.”

Candidate Matthew Mouritsen, a current Weber State Professor of Accounting and also the interim dean, will present on Monday, Nov. 11. Candidate Lisa Victoravich will present on Tuesday, Nov. 12.