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The ghost of Hank the moose wades in the pond at Weber State University. Photo by Benjamin Zack, photoshopped by Kennedy Robins. Photo credit: Kennedy Robins

Not-so-Signpost: The Haunting of Hank

Rebecca Baggett March 31, 2022

A mysterious reflection was seen in the pond in Lindquist Plaza on the evening of March 25. The reflection appeared to be in the shape of a moose, yet no moose were seen.Tom Ato, a student at Weber State,...

Botanists and most Wiccans suggest getting a clay pot and some healthy soil and putting your loved one in a window with lots of sunlight. Photo credit: Grace Haglund

Not-so-Signpost: So, your boyfriend’s a cactus. What now?

Jackson Reed March 31, 2022

Due to a freak occurrence, a new gas-virus named Cactian Superfluous is spreading with great speed across America.This is due to an unnamed individual from Florida who was reported to be eating Heinz Baked...

The Tracy Hall dinosaur is coming to life! Photo credit: Camryn Johnson

Not-so-Signpost: A Jurassic reality

Jennifer Greenlee March 31, 2022

After nearly three decades of work, three scientists in Tracy Hall celebrated the success of a passion project that began in the back of a movie theater.“Everyone kept telling us it couldn’t...

Beansball will soon join the list of sports sponsored by the Biggest Sky Conference. Photo credit: Grace Haglund

Not-so-Signpost: Beansball sanctioned for 3022

Cayden Treasure March 31, 2022

Beansball, the game that’s been sweeping the galaxy, has finally made its way not only to Earth-one, but to our own Biggest Sky conference. Beansball, for the uninitiated, is a game not too dissimilar...

All foods can be classified as either soup, salad, sandwich or ravioli. Photo credit: Grace Haglund

Not-so-Signpost: Food fight

Marisa Nelson March 31, 2022

Since the dawn of The Signpost, an ongoing debate in our newsroom has been that all foods should fit into one of four categories: sandwich, soup, salad and the recent addition of ravioli. You’re...

Graphic by: Stephanie Wells and Joshua Petersen

Trump Tracker: You can’t afford not to download this

Kellie Plumhof March 31, 2016

  App: Trump Tracker Cost: Priceless Available: For those with a brain Description: Trump Tracker is an app designed for those in the world who are fearful of a certain orange-skinned...

Science Weekly: Weber's CS department helps engineer AI

March 31, 2015

Students from Weber State University's computer science department in collaboration with COAST created the first artificial intelligence that utilizes the Internet to self-propagate its learning program. Researchers...

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