Five Crazy Headlines: A Tooth Ring, A Drug Ring and A House Missing

Michael Grennell

I will love you tooth the end

What better way is there to prove your undying love than to give your fiancee a piece of you?

That’s probably what Lucas Unger was thinking when he proposed to his girlfriend, Carlee Leifkes, but instead of giving her a diamond ring, he gave her a ring with his wisdom tooth mounted on it.

Unger had the wisdom tooth pulled six years before he proposed. Leifkes said that the couple were interested in different oddities, and she was happy to be wearing the engagement tooth because it was something he grew inside of him.

Source: KUTV

If you want drugs, it’s gonna cost you a slice of cheese

Officials at a Brazilian prison announced last week that they had caught the drug mule who was smuggling drugs between cells—a mouse that had been trained by prisoners.

Guards at the Barra da Grota prison spotted the mouse running along a corridor with bags of drugs tied to its tail. An investigation by officials found 29 packets of marijuana and 23 packets of cocaine.

Officers are currently reviewing security cameras to determine who was involved in the operation. The mouse was granted an early release by authorities and was set loose outside the prison.

Source: UPI

I’m sorry officer, I’m too drunk to take a DUI test right now

A ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court earlier this year has created a loophole for drunk drivers to get evidence thrown out of court. They are saying that they were too drunk to consent to breath, blood or urine tests.

The state supreme court ruled earlier this year that John Williams, who was facing a DUI charge from 2012, may not have consented to giving his blood and that State Court Judge Joseph Iannazzone should reconsider an earlier decision to not suppress the results of Williams’ blood test.

Since the ruling, several cases have had evidence thrown out because of the argument that the defendant did not consent to the tests.


Dude, where’s my house?

After spending eight months in Florida recovering from knee surgery, 69-year-old Philip Williams returned to his almost $425,000 home on Long Island in New York. The only problem was that when he got there, his house had been demolished by the town.

The town of Hempstead destroyed Williams’ home as part of its efforts to get rid of seemingly abandoned homes. Town officials said that they attempted to contact Williams to inform him of the pending demolition, but Williams says that he never received any notification.

Williams said that the taxes on the house were up to date, and all of the bills were fully paid. Williams’ house originally belonged to his father, and along with the loss of all his possessions, the engagement ring belonging to his late wife was also lost.

Williams is currently suing the town over the incident.

Source: New York Daily News

No hugs for you!

A 14-year-old girl saw her spotless disciplinary record disappear last week after she received detention for giving a friend a hug.

Ella Fishbough was in school at Jackson Heights Middle School when she gave a male friend a hug after learning he was having a bad day. The hug violated a school ban that was put into effect earlier this year that also prohibited students from holding hands, linking arms and kissing while at school.

The local TV news station WFTV Orlando reported that the school district’s legal department will review the Jackson Heights student manual in light of this incident.

Source: Washington Post