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Sports for the non-sports person

Players from the hockey team during one of their games. The hockey club is one of the few sports that is not one of the official NCAA sports for WSU. Photo Credit Lichelle Jenkins
Players from the hockey team during one of their games. The hockey club is one of the few sports that is not one of the official NCAA sports for WSU. (Photo Credit Lichelle Jenkins)

Sports at Weber State University are not limited to the athletics department. In fact there are three branches of sports at WSU: Weber State Athletics, Campus Recreation and Rec Club sports

However, it can be difficult to track down when and where your favorite sports are taking place, when tryouts out are or even the full list of WSU sports available.

A good place to start is each branch’s website:

Weber State Athletics Department (

Campus Recreation (

Rec Clubs (

The athletics department at WSU is located at Stewart Stadium, maintains all of the NCAA sports available at WSU. Those include:

  • Men: Basketball, football, cross country, golf, tennis and track and field.
  • Women: Basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, tennis, softball, volleyball and track and field.

The Weber State Athletics Department also oversees the athletic trainer program, the Dee Events Center and the Marquardt Field House. Visit the website for the start of all seasons, game dates and rosters, as well as other information.

Campus Recreation, in the lower part of the Stromberg Gym complex, runs and maintains the gyms and the aquatics program, rec clubs, fitness, intramural sports, the outdoor program and student wellness.

The aquatics program runs and maintains the pool as well as lessons for swimming, lifeguarding and other courses, free for students and faculty, but there is a cost for community members.

Rec Club sports or student run sports are divided into three tiers itself; strictly recreational (intramural), competitive teams, and competitive/recreational teams. The sports offered for competitive and competitive/recreational teams are: archery, baseball, billiards, bowling, climbing, cycling, hockey, men’s lacrosse, master’s swim, racquetball, rodeo, men’s rugby, snowboard, men’s soccer, tennis, men’s volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling. Competitive teams have try outs and the mixed teams have open walk-ons but it is best to contact the club president via email to find out specific details for any given semester at WSU.

The fitness program has many locations and buildings as well as types of yoga, stretching, weightlifting and other classes to get you familiar with the equipment as well as how to adjust your training routine for maximum results, visit the website for more specific information to get your workout routine going.

Intramural sports have various leagues are offered each semester, such as basketball, indoor volleyball, dodge ball, flag football, indoor soccer and disc golf, just to name a few. There are also a few tournaments for some of these sports but always check with the office and the website for schedules and times. Just in case there is a sport you want to play that isn’t listed contact Campus Recreation and found out the exact things required to start a league, you could get a cricket league or even a Mario Kart league started.

The Outdoor Program is WSU’s place to rent equipment, schedule a trip, or go on an adventure with their various activities. You can set up a trip, with food, guides, park passes and everything you need to impress out-of-state friends, or even just to show someone what they have been missing. Some equipment goes fast, such as the paddle boards, so be sure to schedule your adventure early and make sure you have the equipment you want when you need it.

There is a whole lot more to this program but it is specific so swing by the website check out some options and then swing by and get an amazing outdoor adventure planned.

The Wellness Center is your one-stop shop for health-related issues and also is in charge of the Stress Relief Center,, the website has many tools available to show you how to get there. Once you find the place you can enjoy the massage chairs, chi machines and various other tools to help you de-stress as the semester builds and keep you going until graduation.


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