5 must do's for graduating seniors

Photo Illustration by Michelle Nelson
Photo Illustration by Michelle Nelson

In light of graduation quickly approaching, I have compiled a list of must do’s for graduating seniors.

Explore local areas!

For seniors who are out-of-state students, if you haven’t had the chance to check out the small hometown restaurants, hiking trails and other activities that Ogden has to offer, get out and do that before graduation!

As a local, I love taking a day trip to Pineview, a reservoir located in Huntsville, a half hour away from campus.

Take advantage of all student discounts!

When will there be another time you can get student discounts? There are places in Ogden that offer Weber State discounts.

My favorite establishment that offers this discount is Grounds for Coffee, located on Harrison, kitty-corner from Ogden High.

Get involved on campus with a club or organization!

Getting involved on campus can turn your college career from boring to exciting in an instant. Do you ever have a problem coming up with something to do? Clubs and organizations can hold off the boredom by offering fun activities and events.

Not only does joining a club or organization give you stuff to keep you busy, but it also looks great on a resume.

Learn something unique about the history of your school!

Having pride in the university you attend is important not only while you are attending school, but is also important when you are an alumni. So, before you graduate, take a minute and do some research. Learn something interesting about your school.

I bet you didn’t know that a while back WSU kept a live wildcat for our mascot. Unfortunately, the mascot had to be put down because it had bitten off a cheerleader’s nose during a game.

Convince a professor to teach class outside!

With the weather slowly getting warmer, it’s hard to sit inside a stuffy class room. Work to convince your professor to teach the lesson outside, maybe by the duck pond. If you have a geography class, maybe the professor can convince the geese to migrate south.