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Mother Nature disappoints Utah skiers this year

View of conditions at Snowbasin resort in February. A lack of snowfall has cut into the season of many local skiers and snowboarders. (Source: Sarah Orgill)
Snowbasin received 13 inches of snow as a result of the storm that hit the area Monday night. Skiers and snowboarders flocked to the resort to take advantage of this rare bit of powder. (Source: Coraline Olivas)

Most of us have noticed this winter has been subpar.

Being a ski instructor, the lack of snow this year affected me greatly. Not only did I have to go out and find a new job earlier than I expected, but it cut into my ski season.

More ski resorts this year have had to close due to little snow and lots of dirt and rocks. Having been a skier since the young age of 2, I was extremely sad that the season was cut so short.

Growing up in the ski industry, winter was my favorite time of year. The first snowfall was quite an event in my family.

Even with the ground barely covered, my dad and I would go out and build snowmen, using most of the snow in the yard. We would also build jumps to sled off of. I have always been a lover of the snow.

There was a year I couldn’t wait any longer to hit the slopes. The problem was that none of the resorts were open for the season yet. It had just barely snowed, so the mountains had coverage. I convinced a friend to hike to the top of Powder Mountain with me and ski down the untracked slopes.

Despite the few bushes still sticking through the powder it was just like the resort was open, minus the crowds of people. When I hiked to ski I valued the run even more because I knew if I wanted to do it again I would have to hike.

The feeling of skiing for me is like flying. I feel free and this outdoor sport always satisfied my need for speed.

Within the past few days, winter showed its face back in Utah. I have heard both complaints and celebrations from students. The other night I was leaving the dorms and there were students making snowmen.

Let’s hope Mother Nature will grant us more snow next season, but until then let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

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