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Five Crazy Headlines: From pentagrams to promoting tolerance

An inverted pentagram in a circle, also known as a pentacle. A Tennessee woman claimed to see this symbol, associated with satanism, on the back of a school bus (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)
An inverted pentagram in a circle, also known as a pentacle. A Tennessee woman claimed to see this symbol, commonly associated with Satanism, in the brake light of a school bus (Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

From a pentagram showing up on the back of a bus, to a Sikh Captain America fighting intolerance, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. Mother outraged after spotting ‘satanic’ symbol in school bus brake light

With all the times Jesus shows up on slices of toast these days, the lord of darkness decided to get in on the action by showing up on the back of a school bus.

A Tennessee woman snapped a picture of a local school bus whose brake lights are apparently shaped like a pentagram, an upside-down five pointed star usually associated with magic rituals and Satanism.

Local news declined to share her name after the woman started receiving death threats on social media, where she first shared the picture.

Source: KWGN Colorado

  1. Woman found guilty of biting off resort guest’s nose

Dartford, England resident Tina Love was found guilty of wounding with intent after attacking Julie McDonald during her stay at a local resort, biting the latter’s nose off during the altercation.

The attack happened during a play of “Jack and the Beanstalk” at the resort Butlins at Bognor Regis on England’s south coast. She is expected to receive a sentence later this month.

Source: Bognor Regis Observer

  1. The Sikh Captain America fights racial stereotypes

Cartoonist and New York resident Vishavjit Singh dons a Captain America costume to challenge racial stereotypes as he walks the streets of New York City.

Singh’s costume includes the iconic suit and shield, but also a traditional Sikh turban and full beard. Normally mistaken for a Muslim, Singh uses the costume to show his patriotism and challenge intolerance.

His friends filmed three days worth of his walk around New York, compiling the footage into the film “Red, White and Beard,” now available online.

Source: BBC News

  1. Mothers are banned from breastfeeding . . . at summit on breastfeeding

The Scottish government announced a summit next month in Edinburgh promoting the use of breast milk in feeding infants, including a notice that the venue “is not designed to accommodate breastfeeding.”

Though the promotional material indicated the summit was designed to break down barriers for breastfeeding, delegates who asked if they could bring their nursing infants were told they couldn’t breastfeed them at the event.

After outrage from delegates, event organizers reversed their policy and said they would provide accommodations for nursing mothers.

Source: Daily Record

  1. German court upholds man’s right to pee standing up

In a rare win for men’s rights last week, a German court upheld a man’s right to pee standing up without fear of liability.

The court ruled in favor of a tenant who was sued by his landlord for alleged damage to the bathroom marble floor.

While the judge noted the floor was damaged from the defendant missing his target, he said standing up to pee was “still a common practice.”

Source: Yahoo News


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