"American Sniper" a must-see for all Americans

"American Sniper" is up for Best Picture in the 87th Academy Awards. Kyle Gallner, left, as Goat-Winston and Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' drama "American Sniper." (Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS)
“American Sniper” is up for Best Picture in the 87th Academy Awards. Kyle Gallner, left, as Goat-Winston and Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ drama “American Sniper.” (Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS)

Patriotic. Riveting. Heartbreaking. Those are a few words to describe the film “American Sniper.” This film is based off the autobiography of Chris Kyle who is regarded as one of america’s deadliest snipers. This powerful film shows an in-depth and true perspective of the war in Iraq in the years 2001-2009. Producers Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood went above and beyond in showing this man’s life and  capturing the feelings of war.

I wanted to go see this movie after watching previews and hearing from people in media and Facebook how amazing this film was. I definitely was not disappointed. I was on the edge of my seat for 2 hours and 14 minutes, even when the film ended, and there was nothing left to see.

“American Sniper” is a the true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as he serves his four tours in Iraq and the impact on his life it creates. This film shows the heartbreak of war with losing fellow soldiers and the struggle some soldiers have adjusting to home. It also gives the unique perspective of Kyle’s wife waiting at home, taking care of her children and her life while waiting for her husband to come home.

The most impressive thing about the movie is that it isn’t all about the glory of war. This film shows the hard, cold truth of post-traumatic stress disorder and the struggles solider have with being away from home for so long. I applaud the directors and writers for showing the world soldiers come home to and the world they live in while deployed.

I am not one to watch war films and was skeptical to view this film because of the subject matter, but I can honestly say it is one that should not be missed. The essence of the film really makes you step back and be grateful for the freedom we have as American’s and realizing the sacrifices made not only by soldiers but by their families. It shows the audience what the soldiers have gone through and makes us realize that freedom does come with a price.

Bradley Cooper, known for “The Hangover,” plays Chris Kyle. I was skeptical of whether or not he could pull off a deep character, but he does so with ease. You feel he isn’t an actor, but really is the solider.

The film has gained national attention with its powerful message and how many people relate to it.What makes the film so powerful is the fact that they worked closely with Chris Kyle’s wife and wanted to depict his life to the end with accuracy.  This film really makes you think and puts you into a new perspective. This film should be viewed by all adults just to take a step back and be grateful for our freedom as Americans.