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5 shows for the new year

"The Bachelor" cast members Trista Rehn and Ryan Surrey are one of the only couples in 15 seasons of "The Bachelor" to actually remain a couple. People who work together to learn something new or achieve a goal on shows such as "Dancing with the Stars," and "The Biggest Loser" are more successful at creating solid couples. (Frederic Nebinger/Abaca Press/MCT)
“The Bachelor” cast members Trista Rehn and Ryan Surrey are one of the only couples in 15 seasons of “The Bachelor” to actually remain a couple. (Frederic Nebinger/Abaca Press/MCT)

January brings a new year, new resolutions, a new semester and every college student’s favorite thing- new television shows and movies on Netflix and cable TV.

In case you’re wondering, here is a list of five shows you won’t want to miss this semester:


The TV sitcom’s 10 seasons can now be found on Netflix. This show may have been filmed from 1993-2003, but it still relates to young adults today. “Friends” touches on awkward families, dating blunders, lifelong friends and much more, all presented in a hilarious way. The episodes are about 25 minutes, making them the perfect length to pause from homework and have a good laugh. After a couple episodes, you’ll quickly see why this show lasted 10 seasons.

Marvel’s “Agent Carter”

For fans of the Marvel superhero movies, this show is for you. ABC released this mini-series, which follows Agent Peggy Carter after Captain America disappears and shows how she fits into the male-dominated field of fighting evil villains. Set in the 1940s, “Agent Carter” gives you a historical perspective as well as a modern take on strong, empowered women. I think this will quickly be a show no superhero fan will want to miss.


This addicting series can be found on Netflix and ABC. Be warned, once you start the first season, you will be hooked. This TV series shows Olivia Pope as she works to clean up messes in other people’s lives, while trying to protect the President of the U.S. and high-ranking officials from scandals.

Each season has a major, overlying problem in Olivia’s life and how she takes care of it. If you’ re a fan of crime shows, romance and thrillers, you’ll want to make sure you watch this show. “Scandal” will have you on the edge of your seat, trying to figure out what is going on and how it possibly could get better.

“The Bachelor”

Season 19 of “The Bachelor” kicked off on Jan. 7 on ABC, but don’t let such a big number deter you from watching. The Bachelor is a reality show in which a wealthy American man stars with 25 to 30 bachelorettes to date for 8 weeks and hopefully find a wife. While it’s in its 19th season, every season, of course, has a new bachelor, so there’s no need to catch up on past seasons. This show appeals to those who love romance, reality TV and lots of drama. I can promise this season won’t be short on any of those things.

  “A Knight’s Tale”

This movie can be found on Netflix and is the total package in terms of satisfying everyone on movie night. It has comedy, action and romance, all set in medieval Europe. The film is about a squire who ends up impersonating his knight and falling in love with a princess. One of Heath Ledger’s blockbuster movies, fans of hilarious and slightly dangerous antics and great eye candy will fall in love with “A Knight’s Tale.”

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