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‘Supernatural’ season 10 to premiere Tuesday

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am the biggest scaredy cat to ever walk the face of the planet. So last fall when my flatmate suggested I watch a show called “Supernatural,” I questioned how well she’d been paying attention to our interactions.

I watched bits and pieces of episodes of “Supernatural” with her, thoroughly enjoying the highly attractive physique of the main characters, brothers Sam and Dean, and their dangerous, but comical antics. After a while of watching scenes over my flatmate’s shoulder, I tried watching an episode on my own. The first episode of season one wasn’t scary, and I was hooked on the boys’ story almost immediately.

Dean and Sam’s mother was killed by a demon when they were children. Seeking vengeance for her death, the boys and their father embark on a lifelong monster hunt. The boys are raised to hunt and kill anything that goes bump in the night. As they grow up, Dean continues to hunt with their father while Sam goes to Harvard. When Sam’s girlfriend is killed by the same demon that killed his mother, Sam joins Dean in the hunt for the demon.

Call me romantic, but I love the sentiment behind the boys’ story. Sure, I’m not a big fan of the violence, but I love that they’re fighting for love.

I loved the first episode. However, 10 minutes into the second episode I was ready to jump ship. I didn’t care about the lovely back story, I was scared enough that I was ready to forget I’d ever heard of “Supernatural.”

Of course, like any good flatmate would, my flatmate told me to suck it up and not be so scared at cheesy ’90s special effects. She promised we’d watch the next half dozen episodes together so she could tell me when the scariest parts were coming and I could duck my head if I needed to.

Before those half dozen episodes were done, I was completely addicted to “Supernatural.” The wait since the epic plot twist at the end of season nine has been brutal to say the least. Thankfully though, season 10 is schedule to premiere on Oct. 7, putting an end to the fans’ torturous wait.

There are many reasons why I’m super stoked for “Supernatural” to begin again. For me, “Supernatural” balances out the hectic and stressful nature of school and gives me a way to be able to let go of the stress.

During the season nine finale, Dean is killed. Dean dying isn’t unusual, but now that he has the mark of Cain, trusty angel Castiel can’t bring him back to life. Instead of letting him die, Crawley turns him into a demon. From the different trailers posted by the CW, the network that produces “Supernatural,” it looks like fans will barely recognize the new demon Dean.

In one trailer, the audience sees Dean enjoying some of the finer things in life: strip clubs, smashing up convenience stores and singing drunken ballads at karaoke night. While human Dean had his share of fun, demon Dean seems to be taking his newfound freedom from human morality to a bit of an extreme. Trailers for the season premier show Sam, ever-faithful and watching out for his older brother, trying to convince Dean to abandon his new demonic habits.

If you believe the spoiler boards, different online forums are reporting the appearence of several new female characters this season, including Castiel’s vessel’s daughter. Of course, knowing the limited lifespans of most women on the show, only the writers know how long she’ll last. There are also rumors about a musical episode later in the season.

No matter what crazy problems the boys have gotten themselves into this time, season 10 promises to be just as funny, scary and emotional as the others. “Supernatural” season 10 will premier Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. on the CW.


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