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The ghost of Hank the moose wades in the pond at Weber State University. Photo by Benjamin Zack, photoshopped by Kennedy Robins. Photo credit: Kennedy Robins

Not-so-Signpost: The Haunting of Hank

Rebecca Baggett March 31, 2022

A mysterious reflection was seen in the pond in Lindquist Plaza on the evening of March 25. The reflection appeared to be in the shape of a moose, yet no moose were seen.Tom Ato, a student at Weber State,...

Five items effective against the supernatural

Jess Wright October 28, 2015

With the creatures of myth and lore out and about this Halloween, it can be interesting to look at the history of the various weapons and beliefs that people thought could dispel creatures such as vampires...

FanX offers nerdvana to Utah geeks

February 1, 2015

  Nirvana. Elysium. Heaven. They are all words of paradise that hold different meanings to different people. Through the eyes of a geek girl, they are filled with visions of dancing Deadpools,...

Utah's very own 'Ghostbusters'

October 23, 2014

From so-called documentaries to horror movies, today’s media are filled with ghost stories. Little do some people know, Utah has its very own ties to the supernatural. The Paranormal Research Group...

‘Supernatural’ season 10 to premiere Tuesday

October 4, 2014

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am the biggest scaredy cat to ever walk the face of the planet. So last fall when my flatmate suggested I watch a show called “Supernatural,” I questioned how...

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