Horror flicks coming to the big screen this fall

An image of an actual ouija board that is referred to in the film "Ouija." (Source: McClathy - Tribune/ G.L. Booker)
An image of an actual ouija board that is referred to in the film “Ouija,” set to be released on Oct. 24th. There are several scary movies coming out just in time for Halloween.  (Source: McClathy – Tribune/ G.L. Booker)

October is here, which means it’s time for horror flicks to grace us with their presence. Here are a few scary films that will be coming to the big screen within the next month.

“Annabelle”: The first horror movie of the season to come out, “Annabelle” premiered this Friday, Oct. 3rd. “Annabelle” is the prequel to the ominous horror film that came out last year called “The Conjuring.” If “Annabelle” is anything like its predecessor, I think we will all be in for a terrifying treat.

“Annabelle” is based on the antique doll that also appeared in “The Conjuring.” In the film “Annabelle,” a young couple experiences a home invasion from a satanic cult that ends in gruesome, bloody mess. This leads to the birth of “Annabelle,” a doll that is rumored to have an evil, supernatural force residing inside of it.

When I first saw “The Conjuring” I was scared out of mind. It resulted in me going home and turning on all the lights and checking all the rooms in my house to make sure I was safe. Isn’t that the joy of scary movies?

In that sense, I am very anxious to see “Annabelle” and hopefully it’s just as scary, if not scarier than “The Conjuring.”

“Dracula Untold”: The next horror flick scheduled to be released is “Dracula Untold” on Oct. 10th. It is about a man named Vlad Tepes who makes a deal with a supernatural force to help save his kingdom. The deal he makes turns him into the vampire that we now know as Dracula.

In my opinion, this will most likely not be very scary. It may have a few jumps in it, but I don’t expect it to be too scary. There has been many different takes on the story of Dracula, and this one seems to have some good actors and an overall interesting story, just not a very scary story. Scary or not, I am still anxious to see it.

Ouija“: On Oct. 24th, the film “Ouija,” based on the infamous Ouija board, will premiere. The film is about a group of friends who discover an ancient Ouija board after their friend mysteriously dies. Once they start to experiment with the board, they soon find out that the board is home to a evil and terrifying force. Hopefully “Ouija” isn’t just a bunch of bad actors and a pointless plot. The trailer makes it seem as if all your fears about Ouija boards will come to life. Lets hope that’s the case.

Jessabelle“: “Jessabelle” doesn’t come out until Nov. 7 but it could definitely be the film to out-scare them all. It’s about a girl that goes home to recuperate after a car accident. She finds a video of her deceased mother letting her know that there is a dark supernatural spirit in their house. She realizes that what her mom said is true, but the evil entity could also in fact be posing as her mom in the tape. As she tries to escape, the dark entity does whatever it takes to keep her in the house.

The first time I watched the “Jessabelle” trailer, I wasn’t that impressed. I couldn’t have been watching too close because the second time I watched it, I was pretty terrified. The film has this creepy and disturbing feel to it. I am really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

It’s pretty hard to find a horror movie that will actually scare the living daylights out of me, rather than it being so bad that I end up laughing. Although, if you love scary movies like I do, then you should definitely go check out all of these.