Rocky Mountain Power honors WSU

Rocky Mountain Power has just announced that Weber State University is the 2014 Wattsmart Business Partner of the Year.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by Rocky Mountain Power,” said Norm Tarbox, WSU vice president for administrative services, in an email. “The university has been pursuing efficiency projects large and small for the past several years. It’s nice to be highlighted for those efforts.”

According to Rocky Mountain Power, during the past five years WSU has added 10 percent more square footage, all while reducing its electrical consumption by 30 percent.

WSU energy and sustainability manager Jacob Cain said WSU’s program has been based on good business, and that not only has it been good for the environment, but it has had significant financial benefits also.
“We like to be leading edge in our use of technology, but not bleeding edge,” said Cain in an email. “We have been able to make use of new technologies in an aggressive yet efficient manner, such that we see large rewards for the success of our projects without taking on too much risk.”
Cain added that WSU’s energy efficiency and sustainability efforts have been largely successful due to support from students, staff, faculty, administration and business partners such as Rocky Mountain Power.
“Weber State invested $3.8 million in 59 energy efficiency programs and received $1 million in incentives from Rocky Mountain Power,” stated Rocky Mountain Power in a news release. “The university has reduced electricity use by 10.8 million kilowatt hours, resulting in $540,000 in savings annually.”
Photos of the nine other efficiency programs still in progress can be seen at
“Our goal is to be seen as a leader in our community,” said Kevin Hansen, WSU associate vice president for facilities and campus planning, in an email. “The greatest influence of all might be with our graduates. If we convey to them the importance of being energy-efficient — that it’s a good investment and the right thing to do — imagine the impact that could have on society as a whole.”