Facebook page on the lookout for Brady Harris

Recently, a Facebook page labeled Finding Brady has sprung up. If Weber State University students spot Brady Harris, president of the WSU Student Senate, they can take a picture of him and post it to the Facebook page saying they found Harris.

“Honestly, it makes me laugh a lot,” Harris said. “One day people started just randomly taking pictures of me, and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ Then someone told me about Finding Brady, and I just think it’s funny. I am still trying to decide what to make of it. It’s like this endorsed stalking project for Brady. I guess the whole reason they did it was because I am super hard to find, because I am always running to meetings. It’s been pretty fun. I am friends with like half the people that like it, and there are people on there that I have no idea who they are, and that makes it funnier.”

College students are often glued to their phones, either on Facebook or another social networking site. Finding Brady was meant to get students to look around and see what is going on around them by incorporating Facebook and social media sites.

“Brady has a job on campus and is senate president. He probably spends 80-90 hours a week here on campus just making sure students are taken care of,” said Tyler Hall, the student senator for the Davis campus. “Basically, the whole motivation was he does so much work and he doesn’t get a lot of accreditation. Finding Brady is about being aware on campus and having a little bit of fun, just no-reason fun, thank-you-for-the-laugh kind of fun. Brady is always on campus, so we want to find Brady on campus.”

The Facebook page first appeared on Feb. 19. The game has nothing to do with the WSU Student Association elections and is just for the enjoyment of WSU students, Brady and others.

“We want to stay anonymous, because if people found out who we were, then it would become about us, and I like that it is about Brady, because he deserves a lot of recognition for all of the work that he does,” said an anonymous moderator of the Finding Brady Facebook page. “So what happened was a bunch of us were sitting in the senate office chitchatting about how we can never find Brady. Me and another moderator always need to find him, and we can never find where he is at, so Tyler was like, ‘That would be so funny if we had a Finding Brady page.’”

The Facebook page reached 80 likes in six days. In five days, there were 26 photos of Harris on the page. On the site, students can add a hashtag called #foundBrady.

“All I know is it is someone or a group of people started it, because they realized that Brady is always on campus, but no one knows where he is,” said David Wilson, WSUSA president. “So it would be funny to do this thing on Facebook where, when you see Brady, you take a picture of him and hashtag it saying ‘found Brady.’”