Weber’s Got Talent 2023

Current Vice President of Diversity and Unity Xitlalli Villanueva introduing the new 2023-2024 Vice President of Diversity and Unity Neftali Castaneda.

The 2023-2024 Weber State University Student Association election winners were announced during WSU’s “Weber’s got talent” talent show on March 3. Positions from both WSUSA’s legislative and executive branches were announced in between the scheduled performances.

Kicking off the night’s performances were the Hale Cousins, a local bluegrass group that performed a bluegrass-style cover of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.” Proceeding the Hale Cousins’ performance, the first winning candidate from the election was announced. Colette Mortensen, current WSUSA vice president of activities, announced that Sydney Pace came out on top in the race for WSUSA’s VP of activities.

After another performance, where contestant Gabe Lewis performed a cover of Harry Styles’ “Sign of the times,” the winner of the race for WSUSA’s VP of clubs and organizations was revealed to be Chloe Sanow.

An original piece called “In the meantime,” was sung by Kylee Turner. Proceeding the performance, the winner of the race for WSUSA’s VP of community engagement was announced to be Yuritizi Rosas Hernandez.

The next results from WSUSA’s election, the winners of the races for student senator positions on WSUSA’s legislative branch, were announced after a juggling performance by contestant Ian Nicholson.
The results for student senate positions were announced by the current WSUSA executive VP, Garrett Potokar, before the show broke for its intermission.

The following are the winners of senate races who appeared on the ballot: Isaac Staszkow will serve as WSUSA’s next executive VP. Jennifer Duenaz will serve as WSUSA’s next Hispanic student senator. Edson Barros Cordeiro will serve as the next International senator. Logan Baird will serve as the next College of Business and Economics senator.

Notably, four of the eight student senator positions went to write-in candidates: Grant Day will serve as WSUSA’s next Housing and Residence life senator. Nathan Mcknight will serve as the next non-traditional senator. Esmaeil Mousave will serve as the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology senator. Ruby Vejar will serve as the next College of Social and Behavioral Sciences senator.
After a brief intermission, two more performances and two more positions from the WSUSA executive branch electoral race were announced: Jackson Hardy was declared winner of the race for WSUSA VP of Davis and Satellite Campuses, and Neftali Castaneda was given the position of the next VP of Diversity and Unity.

After the next performance, a cover of Adele’s “All I Ask” that was performed by Azaria Moana, the winner of the race for WSUSA’s next VP of leadership was announced to be incumbent Emily Sorensen.
After the last performance of the night, an original song called “Lollygagging” by local rock band Swerved by Blondes, the final results from the election were announced. The winner of the race for WSUSA’s 2023-2024 Student Body President was declared to be incumbent Ashley Potokar.

After the last of the WSUSA election results were announced, the judges of the talent show began the deliberation process to decide the winners of the talent portion of the night. Additionally, audience members were given the opportunity to participate by casting a vote to help decide who would win the honor of being the audience’s favorite.

The premiering act, the Hales Cousins, won the audience’s favorite vote but did not appear among the judges’ choices for first, second and third place. Azaria Moana won third place at the talent show and a check for 036;300. In second place, taking home a check for 036;500, was Kylee Turner. For first place, Swerved by Blondes took home a check for 036;700.