Orientation: Sessions on the Ledge brings in diverse performances

Live music, dance and culture graces the Shepherd Union Building every Tuesday with Sessions on the Ledge. A program dedicated to showcasing diversity through talent, Sessions on the Ledge pushes to build diversity and community through artistic performances at Weber State University.

Valeria Torena, the recently appointed Sessions on the Ledge director, said she feels strongly about her work.

“The purpose of Sessions on the Ledge is to promote diversity at Weber State by having students and community members showcase their talents,” Torena said. “This promotes diversity by showing that we all come from different backgrounds and have something to share and express.”

Torena said she wants students to “come and enjoy Sessions on the Ledge, because it is something entertaining that they can enjoy during their class break. Sessions is also an opportunity to get to know a little bit of what the Diversity Center does.”

Torena also said she expects “musical, poetic, dance and cultural performances” in this year’s lineup, offering a variety of options for spectators and performers alike.

One such performer is Dylan Kim. A seasoned performer from South Korea, Kim participated last year and said he looks to perform again.
“I was looking for an opportunity to perform just the way I used to when I was living in Korea,” Kim said. “I’ve been in a band for three years, and I came to WSU for studying. However, I couldn’t forget how I felt on the stage and how I perform in front of many people. So I started to join Sessions on the Ledge as a pianist.”
Kim said that Sessions on the Ledge helps students by providing an outlet for their various talents.
“Sessions on the Ledge helps students by giving them a chance to express themselves and the students that watch can appreciate the different talents and abilities that their peers have,” he said.
Lola Moli, the former director for Sessions on the Ledge and the newly elected diversity vice president, spoke highly of her time within the program.
“Sessions on the Ledge is a great opportunity to show the diversity of talents that Weber has to offer,” Moli said. “It’s amazing to help out with an event that shows what Weber has every single Tuesday for the whole year. You’d be surprised at how many different talents there are, so come and check out what your fellow students have hiding behind those backpacks and books.”

Sessions on the Ledge is held every Tuesday in the Shepherd Union Atrium in front of the Center for Diversity and Unity at 12–1 p.m. unless otherwise advertised. Students interested in auditioning can contact the CDU at 801-626-7243 or email [email protected]