Meet the Firms prepares students for future jobs

The annual “Meet the Firms” event took place at the Dee Events Center, where the tax and accounting students met with recruiters from various firms.

“It’s a more casual atmosphere then a formal sit-down interview,” said Evan Briggs, president of Beta Alpha Psi. “You can get to know what the firm does, who the major players are, and what kind of culture they have. So when you go into the interview, you are knowledgeable of that specific company. You might even know the person you are going to interview with.”

Most recruiters are looking for similar qualities in an intern. Teuscher Ruf & Walpole, HJ & Associates, and Ernst & Young all agreed that the graduating student they are looking for needs to be well polished.

“We are looking for professionals who can work in front of a client,” said Jared Johnson of Ernst & Young, “and hard workers.”

Rebecca Ritche, an HJ & Associates employee and a graduate of WSU, said the event is a good experience for most students who attend.

“Seven out of 26 employees were hired from Weber State as a result of attending ‘Meet the Firms’,” she said.

Ritche said HJ & Associates, like many other businesses, are looking for the right people who can communicate well with clients.

HJ & Associates is giving Ritche and her co-workers from WSU an opportunity for hands-on experience while preparing for the CPA exam.

Justin Hodgkinson, a WSU junior, attended the event for the first time to find internship opportunities.

“It opened my eyes for opportunity,” he said.

Angelica Moody, vice president of special events in Beta Alpha Psi, coordinated the event.

“(This is a) practice run before going into the interview,” she said.

Moody said younger students don’t usually know about these events, but emphasized that networking with these firms can be important for a future career.

There are other opportunities for students to begin networking if they missed this event.

“Beta Alpha Psi has meetings weekly with professionals,” Moody said.

In addition, Beta Alpha Psi will host events such as the upcoming golf tournament. Moody said this is an opportunity for students to network and ask questions with professionals in a relaxed environment.

For additional information on Beta Alpha Psi and upcoming events, students and interested parties can visit