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This archive photograph from 1949-1950 shows when Weber College’s monument wall was built on the Harrison Boulevard location, preceding the construction of the college on Harrison by two years. (Weber State University Archives) Photo credit: Weber State University Archives

Do you know Weber State?

Joshua Kamp August 27, 2021

1. In what year was Weber State University first founded? a. 1879 b. 1889 c. 1919 d. 1929 2. What is the name of the Weber State mascot? a. Willy Wildcat b. Walter Wallaby c. Wyatt the Walrus d. Waldo...

Weber State University nursing student Necia Wallenmeyer administers a COVID-19 vaccination to Lorna Ricks, Tuesday Mar. 16, in Ogden, Utah. (Brooklynn Kilgore/The Signpost)

Opinion: Lifting the mask mandate will be deadly

Breanna Hart March 22, 2021

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives for a full year now. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, their houses, their security, their loved ones and their lives. The CDC recommends people...

Wildcat MicroFund is expanding their outreach to Spanish-speakers to better help the underrepresented Hispanic community. Photo credit: Suazo Business Center

Wildcat MicroFund branches out to help Spanish-speaking community

Lissete Landaverde March 15, 2021

There will come a time in life where one needs help, especially with future business endeavors. The Wildcat MicroFund is here to provide that help to aspiring entrepreneurs. The Wildcat MicroFund is a...

Disney Institute business training courses teach leadership and customer service skills to everyone: not just Disney employees. (Monika Clarke / The Signpost)

Disney Institute offers excellence to Utah businesses

Weston Sleight February 26, 2020

Disney Institute is offering their insights on employee engagement, leadership and quality service to Utah with the signature training course, “Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence. Disney...

Baking a dream in Finland

Baking a dream in Finland

Francisco Ruiz February 1, 2020

In 2016, a Finnish café wanted to sell pumpkin pie to its customers to celebrate Halloween. The café faced a big obstacle. Most Finnish people did not even know what pumpkin pie was or had any...

Former U.S. ambassador Aubrey Hooks addresses WSU students in the Wattis Building.

Africa’s obstacles, opportunities and the adventure of the Foreign Service

Francisco Ruiz January 31, 2020

For former U.S. ambassador Aubrey Hooks, Africa presents an environment of opportunity and growth, even if he once found himself in the middle of an escalating military conflict between France and Ivory...

S. Dorian Chelaru, owner and president of Transoceanic, LLC, USA, speaks at Weber State University about the Multi-Million Tons Freshwater Transporter. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

A submersible solution to water shortages

Francisco Ruiz January 23, 2020

From 2011 to 2017, California experienced severe drought. The drought ravaged the state's agricultural industry, and residents watched their lawns die or opted to replace them with artificial turf.As urban...

ALLI RICKARDS | The Signpost

Preparing Students for Industry 4.0

David Morris November 8, 2019

In 2016, Faculty and staff returned from an Adobe sponsored event excited to share what they learned with their peers and students – Weber State University organized a Digital Fluency Council to...

(Tori Waltz)

Seniors sell their skills during Speed Interviewing

Tori Waltz November 10, 2018

Students in the Weber State University Department of Professional Sales learned to promote a different type product at this year’s Speed Interviewing event: themselves. Graduating seniors gathered...

The Harvest Moon Celebration leaves an impression

The Harvest Moon Celebration leaves an impression

Alyson Johnson September 27, 2018

20,000 people gathered in downtown Ogden on Sept. 22 to celebrate the Harvest Moon, the largest event in Northern Utah. The Harvest Moon Celebration is a yearly event that takes place on Historic 25th...

The department is “bigger, stronger and is going further today than ever imagined,” said David Ferro, Dean of WSUs College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Celebrating 50 years in sales education

Adam Livingston March 1, 2018

Weber State University's Professional Sales department, the first of its kind in the United States, celebrated its 50th anniversary February 27. Since its formation in 1968, WSU's professional sales program...

Jerry Ropelato, Weber State alumnus and founder of the cloud-based 3D printing startup WhiteClouds, taking questions from attendees as part of the Young Subaru Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Stories of success and failure shape the decisions of future entrepreneurs

Molly Horne March 19, 2017

Jerry Ropelato, Weber State University business alumni, shared his greatest successes and failures with an audience of students and faculty on March 14 and offered advice to those currently pursuing...

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