Women's Center hosts Love Your Body Day

The Women’s Center at Weber State University sponsored “Love Your Body Day” at the Shepherd Union Building Wednesday.

The theme of the event was to encourage students to appreciate their mind, body and spirit.

The event was open to all women who wanted to learn more about how to love their bodies. Women from the surrounding community, WSU students and students in the COLOR program from Highland Junior High were in attendance. The room was full with some attendees having to sit on the floor.

Carla Vogl, a WSU health promotion student, spoke at the seminar as part as her internship credit.

“My training in life has taught me we all have different life experiences which make us who we are” Vogl said.

Topics covered at the seminar included self image, fitness, healthy eating, fashion and relaxation.  Handouts and gift bags were given to each attendee.

“I’m excited for the gift bag,” said Lorie Ball, an Ogden community member. “I can’t wait to go home and see what we got. The handouts are nice.  It will be nice to have something to go over later.”

Women were encouraged to speak out, share their opinions and give input on each topic. When asked what they considered to be beautiful, several women gave their definitions of beauty.

“My parents always told me that everyone is beautiful. We are just made differently,” said Jasmine Reys, a Highland Junior High student.

Vogl described self-image as a computer.

“Unless we install something into it, nothing will happen,” Vogl said.

She believes that each day women should look in the mirror and say a positive affirmation to themselves.

“We need to make the decision to change,” Vogl said.

Attendees were asked to write down a single affirmation for themselves that they could read out loud every day.

“I’m beautiful and strong. Each day I get up and move forward. Nothing can keep me down,” Ball said. “It was weird to write down something positive about myself. I think most women dwell too much on the negative and forget about the positive.”

Fashion tips and tricks were given to teach woman about how they can create their own wardrobe cluster with a single inspiration piece.

“Find that one piece in your wardrobe that you love,” Vogl said. “Use it as the inspiration and branch out. You don’t have to be on trend all of the time. Some trends might not work for you.”

One tip mentioned was keeping a personal color wheel while shopping. This will help women make the right fashion choices specific for them.

“If it’s not your color, then don’t even go there.” Vogl said.

Vogl taught that no one is responsible for one’s happiness but oneself.

“Other people can enhance and add to your happiness, but it is all in how you take it,” Vogl said. “We need to remember that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. How others see yourself is not important. How you see yourself means everything.”

For more information on events and seminars for women, visit the WSU Women’s Center in Room 322 of the Shepherd Union Building or e-mail [email protected].