Nominations open for the Crystal Crest Awards

Weber State University is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Crystal Crest Awards. The awards were created to honor members of the WSU community who have been nominated by students, faculty, administration and staff.

Awards are given to individuals and organizations that have set themselves apart and showed exceptional traits in one of nine categories.

“The nomination process is made easy and quick,” said Kyle Smith, a WSU student. “It only took me a few minutes, and I was able to show who I think has made a difference in the past year. Everyone should just get out and do it.”

Nominees must satisfy the criteria that are specific to each award category. Anyone can nominate an individual or organization they feel has made a difference in one of the categories.

“I didn’t know there were awards given,” said Cami Stone, another WSU student. “Now that I do, I can think of people I would like to nominate.”

The Man of the Year Award is given to a male student who has proven himself in areas of leadership and personal integrity. These talents should be shown to benefit the campus and community.

The Personality of the Year Award is given to any student who possesses a unique sense of personal style that has contributed to and enriched campus life and the surrounding community.

Registered Organization of the Year Award is given to a registered student organization that centers on special interest programs and activities that have positively influenced the growth of members and campus and contributed to the community.

The Rodney H. Brady Master Teacher Award is given to a faculty member whose scholarly excellence, teaching style and availability to his or her students has improved the learning experience on campus.

Talent of the Year Award is given to a student who has developed a high degree of skill and proficiency and, through the application of the skill, has excelled in the area of accomplishment (i.e. forensics, visual arts, performing arts, letters, etc.).

Volunteer Service Award is given to a junior or senior student who has performed a high level of commitment to the campus and community in volunteer service.

Wildcat Achievement Award is given to an individual who accomplishes excellence in academics, extracurricular or community pursuits despite having to overcome obstacles.

William P. Miller, Friend of Students Award is given to a non-faculty university staff member who has demonstrated extraordinary professional qualities and demonstrated the ability and willingness to improve the quality of WSU student life.

Woman of the Year Award is given to a female student who has proven herself in areas of leadership and personal integrity. These talents should be shown to benefit the campus and community.

Bill Clapp of the engineering department won the Master Teacher Award in 2011, the same year he retired.

“After all the years of teaching, I never expected this, to hear from a large body that I had meant so much,” Clapp said. “It was the neatest way in the world to go out after 30 years.”

To nominate an individual or organization, visit .

“Volunteer service is so important to a community,” Smith said. “These awards give us a chance to recognize the individuals who help make the Weber State community a better place.

Nominations will remain open until 5 P.M. on Feb. 15. The award ceremony will take place on April 14.