OGX on the way

The 28th Street OGX stop in front of Ogden High School.

After two years of construction on Weber State University’s campus and the greater Ogden area, the Ogden Express bus line, known as OGX, will be completed in August of this year.

This project has been hard labor for all involved, especially for the Utah Transit Authority. WSU students have gotten a small taste of how the OGX bus line will operate with the Wildcat Shuttle, which brings students to and from the Dee Events Center, Wildcat Village and the Shepherd Union.

“That shuttle will still run even after the OGX line is completed,” James A. Larson, the senior marketing strategist for UTA, said. “The Dee Events Center will turn into somewhat of a hub for the OGX as well.”

Larson said most of the roads connecting the OGX to the Ogden roadways have been completed. However, more paving needs to be done on Harrison Boulevard, including roads that connect to Lindquist Plaza. UTA hopes to have all road work completed by the end of June.

After the roadwork is complete, July and August will be spent completing landscaping and testing the Signal Priority System, which will give OGX priority over traffic.

The official launch date of the OGX route is Aug. 20, just before the beginning of WSU’s fall semester.

“Our hope is to provide convenience for all students,” Larson said. “For students that live on campus who want to go out and do things in Ogden, it’s a great opportunity.”

Prior to the official launch, there will be a ribbon cutting for the OGX bus line on Aug. 2 from 10 a.m. to noon. WSU students and community members are invited and encouraged to attend.

OGX will replace the 603 bus route which has normally shuttled students to and from campus and the Ogden Station UTA hub. The line will extend beyond the current line and take students to the Junction and through Washington Boulevard. The previous bus stops on Edvalson Street will be removed, and OGX will take students in front of the Shepherd Union. That will be the main stop for WSU students.

The OGX bus line will be a useful resource for students between campus and their homes, both on and off campus. Students have the opportunity to receive a free UTA ED Pass as part of their student fees by signing up for it at the Wildcat Information Desk in the Shepherd Union.

“The OGX Wildcat Shuttle has made it much easier for our students to navigate campus,” Rachel Badali, WSU spokesperson, said. “Once the entire line is complete, it will make Ogden and all it has to offer even more accessible to our students and other members of our campus community.”