Police Blotter 4/6

Phantom child
On March 28, WSUPD dispatch had received a 911 call from what had sounded like a child, the call was traced to an area approximately surrounding the W7 parking lot. They told dispatch that they needed police and were in distress, but investigation of the area yielded no circumstances warranting further investigation.

Mystery pill
Shortly before noon on March 30, a WSUPD officer was dispatched to the Stewart Library to investigate a suspicious pill that a student had found in a window sill on the third floor. The student reported finding the pill because she feared that it might be dangerous. After arriving on the scene and collecting the suspicious pill, the responding officer returned to their vehicle to look the pill up in order to identify it. The pill turned out to be a contraceptive drug called Tri-Lo-Estarylla and was then disposed of.

A case of mistaken identity
On March 30, WSUPD responded to an individual who had suggested that WSUPD post an additional patrol at Lindquist Hall from the hours of 5 to 10 p.m. They informed WSUPD that they had seen an older individual dressed in a black hoodie wandering Lindquist Hall and peeking in and out of classrooms.

The responding WSUPD officer informed the individual of a similar call that WSUPD had received the week prior concerning the supposed mystery individual, who had then turned out to be a custodian. Upon reviewing security camera footage, it was determined that the mystery individual was, in fact, a custodian.

Good Samaritans
Just before 9 a.m. on March 31, two WSUPD officers driving on Edvalson Street noticed that a vehicle had become stuck in the W2 parking lot due to the morning’s accumulating snowfall. The WSUPD officers, with the help of nearby pedestrians, pushed the car free from the snow.

Snowed in
At around 10:30 a.m. on March 31, WSUPD officers responded to the Dee Events Center to investigate a reported parking problem near the bus terminal. Upon arrival, the WSUPD officers discovered several cars that were parked illegally because snow had blocked other cars in. With the aid of WSUPD dispatch, the responding officers were able to get some vehicles moved so that students waiting to get in their cars could leave.

Shots fired?
On April 1 at around 3 p.m., WSUPD officers were sent to investigate a report of possible gunshots heard near campus. Upon further investigation and patrolling the area surrounding where the gunshots were reported to have been heard from, nothing was found. The WSUPD officers spoke to a bus driver who was in the area at the time. The bus driver informed the officers that he hadn’t heard anything.