Police Blotter 3/30

Holy threats
There was a report of threats made by an individual in the Ogden LDS Institute building on March 3. An initial report was taken, and the complainant made a safety plan with the initial officer. The case is still active.

Big no-no
WSUPD was conducting an extra patrol at University Village when they found four individuals using marijuana within a vehicle on March 24. One party was also in possession of cocaine. The individual who had the cocaine will be summoned and the other three individuals were verbally warned. WSU housing staff was made aware of the situation and was provided with the appropriate case number.

This isn’t Nordic Valley…
WSUPD officers were dispatched to the south side of the Noorda Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology Building and the west side of the Marriott Allied Health Building, on a report of individuals sledding downhill on March 25. The officers on scene advised the three individuals, holding snowboards, that they were in violation of campus ordinance. They cleared the area and no further action was needed.

Wildcat assault
WSUPD were dispatched to address an assault at Wildcat Village on March 26. Two roommates were in a verbal confrontation when one hit the other in the face. The victim in the case is debating whether or not they would like to pursue criminal charges and wanted the offender to be moved out of the room. Both individuals were separated, and the offender has a permanent room change to another building. The offender has also been advised they are no longer allowed in the building the victim resides in. Medical attention was denied by both parties following the incident. No further action is needed at this time and a follow up will be conducted.

WSUPD announcement
WSUPD would like to remind individuals on campus to be vigilant in the campus parking lots. Parking is not permitted anywhere that isn’t a marked parking spot and driving in the OGX bus lane is prohibited as it is not for anyone else to drive in, except the OGX bus.