Creation Corner

The participants of the Creation Corner event. From left to right: Angie Snyder, Kelsee Partenting, Eden Heart, Amanda Kumar.

Often considered a hobby, crocheting is an art form that picked up in popularity when the pandemic hit. This led to the idea of the “Creation Corner” by Angie Snyder from Stewart Library’s Circulation Team.

Snyder and the rest of the library’s circulation team were excited to get this event going. The library thought that it would bring something new and fresh for students to do so Snyder pitched the idea and helped bring it together.

Creation Corner came to life after fall semester’s finals. This is its third event, and it had a successful turnout. The Creation Corner brings beginners and advanced crocheters to enjoy a relaxing hobby together.

“To see different people’s creativity is really cool. A lot of people are really interested in learning how to do stuff, so even if they have no experience with it or they learned from their grandmothers when they were really small, just to kind of take back that skill, I think is really cool,” Snyder said. “I feel like through a kind of pandemic lockdown, a lot of those crafting skills came back because people didn’t have a lot to do, so they made stuff.”

Snyder said that the event had originally started because the library staff had mentioned how many of them crocheted and thought a crochet workshop would be a fun idea. Snyder was told she would be a great start to the event by teaching crochet, but they aim to expand to other hobbies as well.

The library is thinking of adding more opportunities to do different crafts in addition to crocheting to help further inspire creativity and teach artistic skills in a beginner-friendly environment. Snyder said potential ideas for the future include knitting, origami and cross-stitching.

The Creation Corner offers a getaway for students after classes and gives them an opportunity to learn or enhance their creative skills.

“We’ll have different kinds of people coming in to teach different things. So far, we’re just starting with crochet, because that’s what we’re kind of prepared for.” Snyder said.

Creation Corner is held in Stewart Library 249 once every week from 1-3 p.m. The next event will be on Feb. 23 and will be about origami. More information is available on the Stewart Library’s Instagram and Facebook pages.