Bingo Night uses the old-fashioned bingo ball tumbler.

Weber State University students were lined up outside the Shepherd Union ballrooms, eager for a night of High Stakes Bingo on Feb. 1.

Prizes ranged from Minky Couture blankets, a record player, gift cards and a Hydro Flask water bottle. From the reactions of the students that night, High Stakes Bingo has become a very popular event.

The WSU Student Association Activities Team is responsible for all of these events. Joy Imolega and Brenna Fritz, special events chairs, help run High Stakes Bingo along with Megan Wahlquist, the assistant to the activities vice president, and Dyson Bingham, entertainment chair.

“We were looking for a new event to start up, so we polled some data from a lot of students on what they would like to see and the most common response was bingo night,” Imolega said.

Both Fritz and Imolega said they had a lot of fun creating the event with their peers and were happy to see that so many of the students were enjoying themselves. Imolega has helped the Activities Team run High Stakes Bingo night since it first started last fall semester.

“Since bingo is mainly thought of as something that you play in elementary school, we wanted to make it more fun. So we added really cool prizes, making it into High Stakes Bingo,” Fritz said.

The event was set up just like a classic bingo night. The Activities Team even brought in a classic bingo tumbler to draw the bingo balls from. As each number was called, Bingham would tell a funny joke or an interesting fact to go along with the call.

Many of the students said that it was fun coming to the bingo night because it was a great way to relax with their friends, get free stuff and just have an excuse to get out of the house.