Plans for parking in new places

Road Work Ahead signs line the streets around campus and nearby neighborhoods to help direct people away from the closed Birch Avenue.

Birch Avenue has been permanently closed with the hope that it will make transportation for Weber State University students around campus easier.

Parking on campus can be hard to navigate, especially for new students to the WSU Ogden Campus.

Crystal Taylor has been the director of Parking Services for 21 years and says she is excited for the coming changes for parking at WSU.

Some aspects that excite Taylor most about the recent changes with Parking Services include free parking at the Dee Events Center and new W parking being constructed on Birch Avenue.

Taylor said if she ran into a new student on campus, there would be a few things that she would want the new students to know about parking and how it works.

“I would make sure that they knew where they could park for free, without a permit and how to purchase a permit if they were interested in parking on campus,” Taylor said. “I would also caution them to always contact Parking Services to be sure that they have correct information about parking on campus rather than relying on others for valid information.”

Taylor says that if you’re planning to park on campus or are currently parking on campus, there’s some information you should be sure to listen to as far as parking goes.

There are nine W lots, and parking permits can be purchased for $88 for an entire year or $58 for a semester and will give you access to the parking at the Dee Events Center as well as the WSU Davis Campus.

There are 14 A lots, and permits can be purchased for $135 a year or $86 a semester. Individuals have the opportunity to enter a lottery for an A when they are a senior or veteran. Employees also have the option to purchase an A lot parking pass.

“Permits are required in all lots and roadways on campus Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. except the Dee Events Center parking lot,” Taylor said.

According to Taylor, WSU’s new W parking lot is slated to be open later this spring semester. If not, it will be scheduled to be completed and open during summer semester, which will be close to where the A2 parking lot is located now.

Demolition of the homes located towards the end of Birch Avenue is scheduled to take place in the next two or three weeks, and paving the road will take place in the spring once the asphalt becomes more available, according to Taylor.

“Adding additional W parking greatly benefits students,” Taylor said.

For more information on any and all of the Parking Services ins-and-outs, Taylor suggests students visit the Parking Services’ Rules and Regulations Handbook, which can be found on WSU’s Parking Services page on WSU’s website.