I spy study spaces

One of the many seating areas for WSU students to study in the Tracy Hall building.

Going into a new semester with a new set of classes can quickly become an overwhelming and stressful situation for college students of any aptitude. Taking advantage of study spaces around campus is one of the ways Weber State University students can combat that stress in order to optimize their academic output.

Campus study spaces are designed to provide comfortable, easy-to-access spaces for students to focus on completing classwork and studying for upcoming quizzes or exams.

LiAn Ulbrich-Hughes is a microbiology student at WSU and is particularly grateful for WSU’s study spaces.

“I’m of the mind that I don’t like doing homework at home unless I’m doing something like pulling an all-nighter,” Ulbrich-Hughes said. “Bringing that stress home with me is really hard because our apartment is really small so it’s hard to separate those degrees of ‘this is work’ and ‘this is home.’”

Students looking for a quiet, fairly secluded space to dial in on their studies should check out the Stewart Library and its ample study spaces. In addition to having no shortage of desk space and computers for students to utilize, the Stewart Library also provides students with the option to reserve individual study rooms where they can hold group or individual study sessions.

For students looking for a casual, secluded place to study, the Stewart Library also comes in handy with a number of chairs and tables that are meant for individual use. These spots often come with a serene view looking out toward the Stewart Belltower.

However, some students also like to study in an environment that hosts a relative amount of liveliness. For students that fit that description, the Shepherd Union plays host to a couple of study spaces that allow students to complete their schoolwork in a more sociable environment.

Just a few steps from the Shepherd Union’s eating area on the second floor is the Fireplace Lounge. Here, students can be found relaxing in comfy chairs and listening to peers playing the piano, which serves as the space’s focal point. Students should utilize this space if being in a cozy, laid-back environment improves their studying experience.

On the Shepherd Union’s third floor is the Belltower Lounge. Here, students can find seating at a bar that looks out towards the belltower, sit in plush couches or utilize chairs that have fold-out desks built into them. The Belltower Lounge is always teeming with life and is well-lit with natural light thanks to the lounge’s array of windows that look out towards the belltower.

Lastly, for students who are seeking a study space somewhere between the quiet and focused environment the library provides and the lively spaces at the Shepherd Union, Tracy Hall is a great place to turn to.

Featuring both secluded booths and more open communal spaces, students can use Tracy Hall to best suit their studying needs at the moment. Students with a lot of science courses find studying at Tracy Hall especially useful because they can easily access their professors should they need assistance on a subject or assignment.

Students at WSU should explore each of these spaces and see which one works for them best. It can be refreshing and really productive to study on campus.