Before the ballot

Republican Blake Moore has served as a representative for Utah’s first district since January 2021.

Weber State University will be hosting the Utah District One debate between Republican candidate Blake Moore and Democratic candidate Rick Jones. The debate will be taking place on Oct. 10, at 6:00 p.m. in the Val A. Browning Center. Kerry Bringhurst, Utah Public Radio Station Manager, will be the mediator.

Moore is the incumbent, serving as one of Utah’s House Representatives since January of 2021. According to Moore’s campaign media, his goals are to lower inflation, secure American-made energy and increase military funding.

Jones, on the other hand, strives to advance American ideals, work toward fair taxation, combat climate change and reduce health care costs, according to his campaign media.

“What’s nice about a debate is the candidate gets asked a question and they answer it without any spin,” Dr. Leah Murray, Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor, said. “They can just watch the human who is running for office answer the question.”

Murray mentioned that a majority of campaign information and media is second-hand information, or not directly from the candidate.

WSU students will be listening live and fact-checking information, statistics and statements made by the candidates.

“I’m going to be actively finding those sources and then handing them off,” Kyle Housley, WSU’s speech and debate co-captain, said.

Housley and his fellow students will be live-Tweeting any confirmations or contradictions to facts or past statements the candidates have made.

The subject matter of the debate is still unknown, but Housley said they have been working diligently to gather all the information possible.

“We have been going through and compiling topics that are somewhat likely to come up,” Housley said.

Housley also mentioned that they have researched Jones’ and Moore’s websites to find what topics they campaign around.

“We’re trying to cover our bases right now,” Housley said. “Anything that we think might come up, we’ve been going through and compiling sources to make things easier the day of.”

Murray urged students to attend or watch the debate if possible, even just tuning in to the live Twitter feed.

“I think students should be watching for how they answer the questions and how they think about things,” Murray said.

Murray also mentioned her desire for students to use their political voice.

“Everyone should register to vote,” Murray said. “I need students to do it as soon as possible.”

Students can register to vote online at ​​

Housley said this is an opportunity most students won’t receive; students having an opportunity for this sort of interaction with those involved in the federal government is important.

“I urge students to take this opportunity to meet the candidates and make the informed choice at the ballot box next month,” Housley said.