TikTok has WSU on lock

A look behind the scene of a TikTok video from the team. (Rahman Almohammadi/ The Signpost)

Weber State University and its office of admissions are seeking to increase the university’s web presence in hopes of reaching out to prospective students. Specifically, those students who are on the cusp of graduating from high school and are looking for a place to explore their prospects in higher education.

One of the ways WSU reaches out to prospective students is by utilizing trending social media platforms to share a glimpse of what life on the WSU campus has to offer.

Social media platforms on which WSU has a page include websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

The function of WSU’s TikTok page, managed by WSU’s office of admissions, is dual-purpose: to increase visibility through social media presence and to act as a collaborative space where different departments on campus can share videos of the different events and activities they participate in.

WSU’s TikTok page features content created by students from different departments around campus. Content that includes anything from highlight reels submitted by WSU athletes to videos showing off interesting on-campus destinations like the Tracy Hall science center.

Browsing through WSU’s TikTok page you’ll find a wide array of videos promoting different aspects of campus life. Videos listed on the page feature anything from campus tours and gorgeous views of the campus to student interviews and videos that act as clues to campus-wide scavenger hunts that viewers are encouraged to participate in.

James Moore, the marketing and communications specialist at WSU’s office of admissions, spoke about the intent behind WSU’s presence on TikTok and how the platform is being utilized to promote collaboration within the WSU community.

Moore, with the help of a student intern, oversees the production of most of the page’s content. Moore also receives reels and video clips submitted to him by students or other departments on campus to be published on the university’s TikTok page.

“It brings everyone together. Whether it’s a club, an organization, the theater department or athletics – it’s a place for everyone’s TikTok to be shown,” Moore said.

Moore, who has been running the university’s TikTok account since March 2021, implores more departments to reach out to him with reels they want featured on the page.

He explains that departments and students should especially consider submitting their own clips. A wide variety of content will be more likely to attract more viewership, which means an increased chance that prospective students will stumble upon the university’s page on their TikTok homepages.

WSU’s TikTok page can be found on the platform under the handle “WeberStateU.”

If you’re a WSU student or staff member who wants to promote their department or share their take on campus life, Moore says anyone is welcome to email their submissions to WSU’s office of admissions at [email protected].