Help wanted: Ogden Pride Festival

Anyone can call the LGBTQ+ center at 801-626-6090 or email them at [email protected]. (Rahman Almohammadi/ The Signpost)

The 8th annual Ogden Pride Festival is scheduled to take place in the Ogden Amphitheater and Municipal Gardens on August 7, and is in need of volunteers.

“We work and succeed only because of those who volunteer for our festival,” Sean Childers-Gray, Board President and Venue and Marketing Director of Ogden Pride Inc said.

Adrienne Andrews, Weber State University’s vice president for equity, diversity and inclusion said the Ogden Pride event is an opportunity to connect with and learn from different parts of the Ogden community.

Volunteer duties will include setting up and taking down the festival, keeping the surrounding area clean and free of garbage, providing water to festival attendees and most importantly, attending the festival and events.

“We have plenty of opportunities for volunteers to work a few hours doing one thing and then enjoy the rest of the festival for the day,” Childers-Gray said.

Volunteer forms were available to be filled out directly on Ogden Pride’s website and submissions closed just before midnight on July 31. Childers-Gray mentioned there are close to 85 volunteers already signed up, he hopes to be closer to 100 by the submission deadline.

Weber State Administrative Specialist, Katelyn Blanch, expressed her excitement about the festival.
“I think it’s such a fun event, there’s such a great atmosphere,” Blanch said. “It’s very much community centered, it’s a big celebration.”

Everyone is welcome at this event, as long as they’re open and present for the purpose of celebration and, most importantly, unification according to Childers-Gray.

“It helps provide a space to celebrate who we are,” Childers-Gray said. “Ogden Pride just wants to be able to come and let everybody enjoy the day and try to take some of that worry away that they don’t belong.”

The festival kicks off with a rally at 11:00 a.m. on Aug. 7 where the board will be introduced and speakers will address the attendees.

There will also be a fundraising event the night before on Aug. 6, headlined by standup comedian, Suzanne Westenhoefer. Other events include musical performances, choreographed dances, karaoke and more.

“I’m excited about this opportunity in Ogden because it says everyone is welcome, everyone belongs,” Andrews said. “That’s a really important message today.”

Andrews also mentioned the festival is a great recognition for a wide range of people who haven’t been seen or haven’t had spaces where they have felt comfortable enough to be themselves.

Weber State University will also be sponsoring a stage at the festival where many events will take place.

“It’s a great way for Weber State to show its commitment not just to our students, but the community at large,” Blanch said. “Weber State is dedicated to listening and creating a safe space and inclusion for all identities.”