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Playin' On Purple- Turkey Day NFL Predictions

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is the day we gather with family and stuff our faces until we can do nothing but sleep the meal off (I am so excited for this holiday). There is nothing better than eating until stuffed, letting the food settle and going back for more, and more, and more, and then dessert and then crashing.

Besides the food, family and napping, there is also football. The NFL will play three games tomorrow. The six teams playing in the games will be the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Baltimore Ravens (bet you can’t guess who I am cheering for), the Green Bay Packers vs. the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Miami Dolphins.

I am going to give some predictions on the games on this year’s Turkey Day. I have never been big on predictions because I am superstitious and totally believe I will jinx the outcome by guessing it. Well, I am breaking my rule for this holiday just for kicks and giggles.

Before I dive right into this, there are two teams that play every year on Thanksgiving. Anybody who remotely knows NFL should know who those two teams are. But for those of you who don’t, those two teams are the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. They play every Thanksgiving. I don’t know why, but I think its cool. Ok, let’s get back on topic.


This year, the Lions started their season off great by going 5-0. The undefeated record did not last, however. Now, the team stands at 7-3. They are going to take on the only undefeated team, with a record of 10-0, and the current reigning Super Bowl champ, the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers have full-on dominated every single game they have played. Don’t get me wrong, the team is not perfect in every aspect of the game, but as of right now, its record is perfect. The Lions are coming off a win this weekend. They are carrying some momentum. Even though the game is in Detroit, my gut (and both brothers, father and Eric Jensen) is telling me that there is no way the Lions will come off victorious tomorrow (sorry Nick).

Packers 35 – Lions 24


This game is kinda blah for me. I am not a big fan of either team, and I will join right in whenever Dallas is called the “Cowgirls.” Miami has a 3-7 record and is currently chilling at the very bottom of its conference. The Cowboys have a 6-4 record and are tied for the lead in their conference.

My uncle and his family are huge Dallas fans. They have been die-hards the entire time and have not ever given up hope that someday the Cowboys will do something crazy. Because of the family tie, I have a very, very small soft spot for them. Cowboys will take this game.

Cowboys 28 – Dolphins 7


Alright, I saved the best for last. Now, I am not going to lie, I am worried about this game. It will be an interesting night at my house because my mother is a humungo 49ers fan. She has been for years and like my uncle and his “Cowgirls” has never given up hope.

Well, Mom was onto something this year because the 49ers are chilling with a 9-1 record on the season while my Ravens have a 7-3. It will be an interesting game. The really interesting thing is that for the first time ever, two brothers, Jim and John Harbaugh, will be facing off in a game as NFL head coaches.

I think that for most families, a sibling rivalry always adds drama. John, who coaches the Ravens, is 49, and Jim is 47. I bet that Jim wants to beat his big brother more than anything, and I know that John would never want to let his kid brother outshine him. Having brothers head coaching football teams makes me think of the movie Little Giants. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the movie, the little brother comes out on top.

I do NOT want the little brother to come out on top of this game. The big brother has to have his team put up the best battle it can muster. John, you have got to have my back on this.

So with the added drama that there is a sibling rivalry and that the game is in Baltimore, I know who will win. But I am not going to say because I will jinx it.

Ravens ??? – 49ers ???




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