Police Blotter July 20

Jennifer Greenlee

Photo credit: Pixabay

Water Balloon Bandits

A woman flagged down an officer on patrol outside of the University Village Dorms on the evening of June 27. She reported that she had been driving when she felt something hit the front of her car and then several more things hit the top of her car, and she wasn’t sure what it had been.

The officer checked out the vehicle and saw no damage but did see that the car had water on it and pieces of colored rubber. The officer informed the woman that it was likely that there were kids throwing water balloons at passing vehicles, and that no damage had been done. The woman needed no further assistance, and the officer looked around the reported area with no success before clearing the scene.

Bad Luck Brian

While an officer was driving near the Highway 89 and Harrison Boulevard Junction on June 27, the vehicle next to him made a dangerous lane change that the officer had to avoid by quickly decelerating. The officer pulled the vehicle over and gave him a warning for an unsafe lane change before letting them go on their way.

Napping and Trespassing

WSUPD received a report that an individual had been trespassing in the West Tunnel of the Dee Events Center on June 25. Officers responded and found that there was a shirtless man sleeping in the west tunnel with a lot of bags surrounding him. The officers pushed the bags away from the individual before waking him to get his information and ask what he had been doing there.

The individual gave the officers his information. When the information was entered into the system, the individual had been reported missing by his mother near the end of 2020. The man was told and given his mother’s contact information before being asked to leave the premises, which he did after that. The mother was also contacted to report that her son was safe but did not want to talk to her. She was informed that they had given him her information for if and when he wanted to reach her.

A Public Pee Performance

Officers responded to a report of a disturbance by the UTA Bus Stop near the S1 parking lot on June 25. A male passenger was arguing with the bus driver about paying his fare. When officers spoke with the bus driver, he reported that the passenger had urinated on the sidewalk by newspaper stands. He also reported this passenger had a history of disturbances and refusing to pay his fares.

The UTA Police Department was contacted, and they asked for a report of his information to be taken for future reference, but they did not need to take any further action. The officers on the scene attempted to communicate with the passenger, but he refused to speak with officers at first and began joking. When asked why he had relieved himself on university property, he responded that he could not hold it and longer. They documented his information for the UTAPD and gave him a warning for public urination.

An Extended Elevator Stay

A university employee was stuck inside an elevator in Lindquist Hall on June 23. The elevator was able to be opened after maintenance and an officer arrived, and the employee was unharmed. The elevator had lost power and was non-functioning, and out-of-order signs were posted to make sure no one else would attempt to enter it.

Bruised Bumpers

In the R4 parking lot on June 23, a person attempted to park their vehicle between two other vehicles, but scraped their passenger bumper down the length of the one on the right. The driver got out and looked at the damage before pulling out and parking in another space in the parking lot. The owner of the vehicle was cited for not leaving information at the scene of a collision.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

On the night of June 22, a vehicle had stalled out in the Dee Events Center Parking Lot, and a tow company could not get there until the morning. Parking Services was notified about the vehicle, and the owner was told to recover it by the next day.

The next day, several individuals were pushing the vehicle when they lost control of it after an incline and it rolled into two other vehicles. The other drivers were okay, they exchanged information, and the vehicle that had rolled was towed away.