Police Blotter Feb. 16

Marisa Nelson

Is this a drill?

On Feb. 1 and Feb. 2, there were two accidental fire alarms on campus. The first was in the Shepherd Union Building around 1:30 p.m. The fire marshal and Weber State University police communicated with someone on scene who said the alarm had originated from a dining location on the second floor. The officer and employees identified the kitchen hood system was broken, and the burners under the hood would need to stop being used until it could be fixed.

The second alarm on Feb. 2 was in the Stewart Wasatch Building. The officer noticed no smoke or visible fire when arriving on scene. After a check of the building, the officer concluded that work on the HVAC system in the building must have created dust that triggered the alarm.

Threats to NUAMES

An administrator at NUAMES reported to police that a student had reported seeing school shooting threats on TikTok from a student at another school on Feb. 2. The officer, administrator and the student discussed a safety protocol, and the officer filed the report and started to look into the threat.

Suspicious person

A female student called to report on Feb. 4 that the same male seems to be sitting in the same spot for around 5 minutes at a time at around 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. She described the individual as a male with glasses and a beard. The complainant reported that she had never spoken to the man nor had he tried to confront her. Officers told her that they could do extra patrols and safety escorts for her if needed.

3D Theft

A 3D printer was stolen from the Engineering Technology Building on Feb. 5. The officer requesting information regarding information about the printer and who had access to locked doors. This is still under investigation.

Found Property

On Feb. 6, a complainant called to report some keys that were found in the R3 lot. An officer told her to hide the keys around the police department so she did not have to wait for him to return. The officer took photos of the keys and said they did not appear to be car keys. The officer took the keys to the lost and found in the Shepherd Union.