Do you know your news? Feb. 2

Joshua Kamp

Image from Pixabay
Summit County Search and Rescue worked to find a missing skier after the avalanche in the Park City Mountain Canyons that occured on Jan. 30. (Image from Pixabay)

1. Rescue teams began searching Jan. 30 for a skier buried by an avalanche on Jan. 31 at which Utah ski resort?

a. Powder Mountain

b. Park City Mountain Canyons

c. Nordic Valley Ski Resort

d. Snowbasin Resort

2. The stock market made headlines this week when certain stocks unexpectedly skyrocketed in price, thanks in part to viral social media groups of amateur investors buying up which stock?

a. Best Buy

b. Nintendo

c. Twitter

d. GameStop

3. Which music industry superstar turned 40 this week?

a. Justin Timberlake

b. Adam Levine

c. Britney Spears

d. Beyonce

4. Which car manufacturer recently announced it would make the leap to selling only zero-emission vehicles by the year 2035?

a. Toyota

b. General Motors

c. Volkswagen

d. Ford

5. Which of the following countries has not had widespread protests and mass arrests featured in the news this week?

a. Belgium

b. Ukraine

c. Hungary

d. Russia

e. None of the above

Image from Pixabay
A viral social media campaign caused a rise in the value of an unexpected stock. (Image from Pixabay)


1. The correct answer is B, Park City Mountain Canyons. According to CNN, the Summit County Search and Rescue worked on Jan. 31 with a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter to search for a missing skier, whose identity was not released.

2. The correct answer is D, GameStop. According to the New York Times, GameStop’s stock price soared 1,700% with the help of amateur traders who banded together on Reddit, forcing Wall Street firms that were betting against GameStop’s success to take billions of dollars in losses.

3. The correct answer is A, Justin Timberlake, who turned 40 on Jan. 31. Other birthdays this week include Harry Styles, who turned 27 on Feb. 1, Shakira, who turns 44 on Feb. 2 and Axl Rose, who turns 59 on Feb. 6.

4. The correct answer is B, General Motors. According to CNBC, the company plans to phase out the production of gas-powered cars, trucks and SUVs over the next 14 years, and to be carbon-neutral in its global operations by 2040. GM is the company behind Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Suzuki, Pontiac and others.

5. The answer is E, None of the above. Political unrest continues in Russia as thousands have been arrested during anti-Putin protests, and Ukraine has had protests demanding the resignation of authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko. Widespread protests of severe COVID-19 lockdowns continue across Europe in cities such as Brussels, Budapest, Vienna and others.