Do you know your news? Jan. 26

Marisa Nelson

Image from Pixabay
A new COVID variant has prompted the Moderna team to start work on a new vaccine. (Image from Pixabay)

1. The Moderna team is working on a vaccine __________ for the new variant of the virus.

A. Booster

B. Patch

C. Shot

D. All of the above


2. This weekend, two individuals were arrested in Salt Lake when police found an operational _______________ in their apartment.

A. Prostitution ring

B. Dog breeding service

C. Drug lab

D. Meth lab


3. Which college at Weber State University did research on price gouging?

A. The Moyes College of Education

B. The Goddard School of Business and Economics

C. The Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities

D. The College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology


4. President Biden has restricted what again due to COVID-19?

A. Gatherings

B. School attendance

C. Religious worship

D. Travel

Image from Pixabay
President Joe Biden has put in place new restrictions due to COVID-19. (Image from Pixabay)



1. The correct answer is A, Booster. According to The New York Times, “Moderna’s vaccine is effective against new variants of the coronavirus that have emerged in Britain and South Africa, the company announced on Monday.”

2. The correct answer is C, Drug lab. According to KSL, police had obtained a search warrant and found chemicals and other materials to make drugs after firefighters got a report that a fridge had exploded and caused a fire.

3. The correct answer is B, The Goddard School of Business and Economics. According to Fox 13, the research looked at supplies of goods during an emergency, specifically the COVID pandemic.

4. The correct answer is D, Travel. According to CBS News, Joe Biden restricted travel on Brazil, Ireland and many other European countries.