Police blotter Nov. 18

Marisa Nelson

Breakup backlash

A Weber State University police officer responded to a complaint of possible criminal mischief on Nov. 4. The student reported to the officer there were scratches and some kind of dried liquid, which the student thought to be urine, on his vehicle in the R4 parking lot.

The officer asked if the student knew of anyone who might do this, to which the student mentioned that he and his girlfriend had recently broken up and some of her friends were upset about the breakup. The student couldn’t identify when the damage had been done, but said he always parks in the same corner of the lot. This case is still active.

Forced lock raises questions

On Oct. 30, an officer was dispatched to the Marriott Allied Health Building in regards to damaged property. The complainant said that someone could have tried to enter through a door into a room with computers.

The complainant explained that when he tried to put his key in the lock, it was jammed and almost impossible to turn the key. The complainant was invited to speak with Lock and Key Shop to fix the damage, and to report any new information, if it came up.

Utah says okay on open carrying

Two employees in Tracy Hall reported an individual who was open-carrying a firearm on his hip. The officer informed the employees that the university did not have any rules against this and Utah law allows for open carry.

The employees said that they weren’t concerned but wanted to be clear on university rules. The officer could not make contact with the carrying individual because he had seemed to have left the building.