Police blotter Nov. 4

Marisa Nelson

(Image from Pixaby)

Herbal hemorrhage?

On Oct. 18 an officer was dispatched to Wildcat Village for a hemorrhage call. When the officer arrived, the student had swollen eyes and was bleeding. The student told the officer he didn’t know why this was happening, but later told medical staff that he had taken an herbal supplement the night before. No further information was provided.

Gold digging on campus

A homeless individual was reported living on campus on Oct. 21. The officers made contact with the individual, who said he was working on leaving WSU property.

The individual had a friend who had been helping him dig on the holes on the hillside to find gold. Officers asked them to fill in the holes, gave them some water and left.

Theres a hole in my window dear Liza

On Oct. 22 a female student’s car window was broken in a parking lot. She said she had left her car in the parking lot while she went to class, and she noticed the hole in the window when she went to back out of her parking spot. The officer asked the student if she knew someone who would be capable and she said no.

Late-night gaming and Uber waiting

On Oct. 23, an officer observed a male sitting on a bench in 31-degree weather. The officer asked what he was doing and the individual reported he was waiting for his Uber.

During this time, another male came over and sat down. The two reported they had been in the Community Center playing video games until midnight. The Uber showed up and the officer was not able to get identification. The officer said he would follow up with the staff to see if the individuals were allowed to be inside.