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1.) This past week, an anti-mask protest in Provo, Utah saw parents upset about Utah schools’ mask mandate refusing to send their kids back to school. One woman did what to her mask before speaking?

a. Spit her gum into it

b. Burned it

c. Wore it while speaking

d. Threw it at a member of the audience

2.) Public data about coronavirus and hospital statistics have ________ from the Center of Disease Control’s website after President Donald Trump’s administration took over.

a. Changed

b. Disappeared

c. Moved

d. All of the above

3.) The National Security Agency has said that they have seen multiple attempts to steal vaccine information. What country have the attacks been coming from?

a. Canada

b. Afghanistan

c. China

d. Russia

4. UDOT has stated that Ogden Canyon will be closed this weekend to fix parts of the roadway and a bridge. What state route was closed from July 17 to July 19?

a. State Route 39

b. State Route 55

c. State Routes 40 and 60

d. None of the above

5.) Ogden City is looking for two _______ to help bring some more life and creativity to the town.

a. Architects

b. Landscapers

c. Artists

d. Dancers


1. The correct answer is A. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the woman spit her gum into the mask, crumpled it up and said it was garbage and didn’t work.

2. The correct answer is B. According to CNBC, “Ryan Panchadsaram, who helps run a data-tracking site called Covid Exit Strategy, said that when he tried to collect the data from the CDC, it had disappeared.”

3. The correct answer is D. According to NPR, Russian hackers have been trying to gain access to information about the U.S. development of a coronavirus vaccine.

4. The correct answer is A. According to The Standard Examiner, this is part of a 6 million dollar bridge rehabilitation project from 2019 for State Route 39.

5. The correct answer is C. According to The Standard Examiner, the city would like artist applicants to submit submissions before Aug 31. The artwork will be featured on 25th Street in Ogden.

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