Police blotter

Jennifer Greenlee

(Image from Pixaby)

Left behind

A gun was found in an Elizabeth Hall women’s bathroom on Nov. 12. A student reported it to police, who confiscated it. The gun was registered to a female student with a concealed carry permit. The gun was returned to the student.

911 texting

On Nov. 11, a student sent a 911 text. Police found the student had been bored and sent the text. This is considered a crime, and you can be arrested for wasting police time.

Medical calls

Three students had seizures on campus throughout the week of Nov. 11.

One student had a seizure at Wildcat Village on Nov. 13. Police and medical responded, and the student required transportation.

Also on Nov. 13, another student had a seizure at University Village. The student was coherent upon police and medical’s arrival and denied being transported.

On Nov. 14, a student with a history of seizures collapsed in the Shepherd Union Building. Police and medical responded. The student declined transportation.

Suicidal thoughts

Students reported a professor expressing suicidal thoughts in front of the class. Police responded and the professor was taken to get help on Nov. 15.


At Wildcat Village, a student entered a common room and began to throw things around on Nov. 17. Police responded to the disturbance and are screening charges against the individual.