Police Blotter

Jennifer Greenlee


Medical Call

A student felt faint after hitting their head on a soda dispenser in Wildcat Village on Oct. 26. A second student helped her onto the ground. Medical responded and transported her to McKay Dee Hospital.


A professor was concerned about information that had been posted on Reddit about him. He contacted police on Oct. 26. An officer contacted the phone number that the professor gave twice, and both times the officer attempted contact, the phone went to voicemail. The professor has not called back.

Burglary and Assault

Housing at Wildcat Village contacted police after hearing a woman screaming on Oct. 25. Police located her by the construction area near the alumni center where she was yelling into her phone. The student told police she had gone to her ex-boyfriend’s dorm room where there was a gathering. She barged into the dorm room and assaulted one of the females that was in the dorm room, causing injury to her face. The student was arrested and charged for assault. She was escorted off campus.

Welfare Check

A student had been sending “goodbye” texts to her sorority sisters. Police were made aware of texts on Oct. 25. Officers went to her scheduled classes while Clearfield Police went to where she lived. The student was found ok and was driven to where she could get help.

Vehicle Burglary

A student’s vehicle was broken into in the W-4 parking lot. The student reported it on Oct. 25 after arriving home. The vehicle had been handled for a day, so there were no prints that could be used. Security cameras did show a black vehicle, but the driver and the license plates were too far away to be identified. At this time, no other vehicles have been reported to have been broken into.

Has there been a murder?

The Director of Housing contacted police that a student’s parent was trying to get them out of their housing contract on Oct. 22. The parent claimed the student had witnessed a murder and no longer felt safe on campus and needed to get out of housing. Police contacted the student who said he had never witnessed a murder and only wanted out of the contract for financial reasons. Police reconfirmed with the student that he had never witnessed a murder.