What makes Weber State, Weber State, great, great, great

Marisa Nelson

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Students play chess at the Block Party on WSU main campus (Robert Lewis /The Signpost)

So many of Weber’s student population is nontraditional, and each student is unique. Many students used their Instagram stories recently to tell why they chose Weber State during the Block Party from Sept. 2 to 6.

One of the most popular responses students had was that they love their professors. Professors are some of the most important people in a student’s life. They not only provide learning to their students, but they also can provide a lot of clarity and support on the path to the real world.

“The professors don’t sugar coat things,” Brianne Jeide said. “They tell you how it is, and we’re all adults; we need to hear that.”

She said that her professors, especially Kenneth Plain, a visiting assistant professor of theatre, have helped her to find a clearer vision of where she wants to go after graduation. Students said professors really want their students to succeed and will go out of their way to make sure they have the right skills to make their dreams happen.

Weber has a lot of amazing resources and programs to offer. Social work major Elizabeth Failner said that just taking a tour of campus helped her get a feel for WSU.

After graduating from Snow College, she figured that transferring to a more intimate four-year university would be less overwhelming. Visiting campus and learning about WSU’s social work program helped Failner feel this school was right for her and feel more at home on campus.

The over-arching reason students choose to continue higher education is different. There are all types, and ages of people around campus and their different experiences enrich class discussions.

For Ashley Salvador, a nursing major, her motivation for attending a university is that she is a first generation college student.

“My parents have always taught me to work hard, dream big and to keep going no matter what the circumstances are and I’m doing just that,” Salvador said. Salvador has known since high school that she wanted to attend Weber because of its highly ranked nursing program.

Weber State gives its students the opportunity of completing many majors and classes online. This is especially important for student Jake Armitstead.

Going back to school while helping to raise his 3 kids was not an easy choice, but Armitstead says that while is family is a major support and reason he is still in school, starting school at Weber was simple. His advisors were willing to work with his needs, and he said that the advisors can take a load of stress off of students.

Overall, Weber State University provides their students with caring professors, hands-on real life experience and a way for nontraditional students to continue their education and grow their skill set.