Allegro! gives Wildcats a peek into fine arts

Weber State University students can now “get their groove on” to classical music by joining Allegro!, a new student group on campus.

“We just started this group last year,” said Mina Romney, co-chair of Allegro! and a choral education major at WSU. “Our main goal is to increase student attendance to the Utah Symphony performances that are brought to WSU through the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association.”

Professors at WSU, such as philosophy professor Rob Fudge and vocal studies professor Karen Brookens, are on the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association Board.

“The Ogden Symphony Ballet Association had a group similar to Allegro!, but it was for adults, and they did not have a group that catered to students,” said Gabrielle Cox a co-chair of Allegro! and a music education major at WSU. “WSU professors that are also part of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association wanted to get students more involved in classical music and get the arts more accessible to students, so that they could have the opportunity to appreciate the arts.”

There are four classical series concerts a year as well as a pop series that students can register to attend on campus to become a member of Allegro!.

“I really like that they offer $5 tickets to all the Utah Symphony concerts for the year and a pre-concert get together,” said Mitch Jenkins, a member of Allegro! and business finance major at WSU. “I have invited my friends to come along with me to some of the concerts, and they have come and had a great time.”

WSU students who are members of Allegro! can attend the performances on campus at a discounted rate and attend a social before or after the event with food, door prizes and occasional opportunities to meet orchestra and ballet members.

“I love being able to get together with students that have the same interest in classical music and be able to appreciate and support the arts together,” Cox said.

Allegro! currently has at least 30 members in the group and is continuing to increase in size. This year, the group has doubled its number of students involved.

“We are trying to be wide-spread in our students that are members of Allegro! and not only cater to just music majors,” Romney said. “I really feel passionate about getting a variety of students to make up a younger audience at the performances and encouraging young people to attend because they are the audience of the future. It’s exciting to me to see students come to these performances, not sure if they are going to like it, and come out of the performance surprised by how much they enjoyed it. The spark and interest in classical music starts developing in these students, and I enjoy being able to be a part of that.”

Students who are interested in becoming a member of Allegro! can call or visit the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association at 638 East 26th Street in Ogden or call 801-399-9214. Students who register and attend an event become an Allegro! member. Tickets are available for the Nutcracker to Allegro! members for $5 and will also include a dinner reception before the performance.