WSU radio station comes back to life

Kierstynn King

Weber State University’s radio station, KWCR, is integrating a new art competition for Wildcats in an attempt to ramp up their familiarity on campus and throughout the community.

KWCR is a non-profit, student-run radio station. Although the station mainly plays alternative music, they occasionally branch out to different genres, including up-and- coming local bands.

“We love promoting local bands,” said Bailey Grundy, the assistant musical director. “It gets their voices out there, and we also introduce some really cool music.”

KWCR Station (6 of 6).jpg
Banner logo on station window. Photo credit: Marissa Wolford

Within the last few years, the radio station shifted from airing on FM radio to streaming solely online. As a result, the popularity has steadily decreased.

In an attempt to make themselves seen and heard, KWCR is hosting an art competition every month to encourage students to submit creative artwork for the station.

“The walls in the station are dry, and we could use some cool art to hang up. We want to hang up art everywhere throughout the station if we can,” said Kieffer Allen, the general manager of the radio station.

Allen said the art doesn’t necessarily have to promote the radio statio. Their main goal is to get as many students as possible involved in the competition each month.

“Getting more students involved whether they’re art students or not is something we really want,” Allen said.

At the end of each month, the winner’s artwork will be posted around the station and in the giant window outside of the station.

“We get to promote ourselves as well as beautiful art, and who doesn’t love looking at beautiful art all the time?” Grundy said.

Not only will the winner of the contest’s artwork be displayed, they will also win a mystery prize pack, containing different prizes each month.

KWCR Station (4 of 6).jpg
KWCR Station interior wall decoration. Photo credit: Marissa Wolford

“If this art contest goes well, we want to be able to start bringing back some really cool things for students to get involved in,” said Kole Prestwich, the stations production manager.

Prestwich said they have discussed tabling once a week and hosting a battle of the bands for Weber State students as other ways to increase familiarity.

“Anything we can do to get students involved again will be great because we want them to see how special the station really is,” Prestwich said.

Students interested in participating in the monthly art competitions can contact the KWCR radio station for more information.